Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 105 Hearing her voice

105 Hearing her voice

She enter the facility and check few things like the doctor's identity usually do. They actually kidnapped the doctor and put her in sleep without realizing what happened. Then she glance at the glass door where she saw patients like they are in a cell. Some of them look pale and there are much in number. They are experimenting those people on their drugs.

She has to get a sample as an evidence on the drugs that they are experimenting. But it'll be a little hard. Since she studied a little medicine and laboratory stuff—it wasn't hard for her to mixed along them.

Suddenly a patient started screaming and she stop and turn to the woman who started smacking her head on the wall. The wall has foam for safety yet the woman's forehead still bleeds and they inject her with some sedative. But it didn't make the woman stop from acting like a beast. She even bite one of them.

Soon, they prepare a strong one to calm the woman. The woman lay flat down on the floor and start convulsing. She watch the scene as she records it with her hidden camera. Then someone called her.

"Dr. Lane!" she slowly turn to the man. The man has been hooking up on the identity that she stole.

"Dr. Porter." She uses the voice of the woman by their advance technology to mimic the woman's voice.

"I have the document that you requested. It's in my office." He's implying something.

"Got it." she followed Porter to his office and he open it in a gentlemanly way. She thank him and as soon as they enter his room. He lock the door and he wrapped his arms around her.

"My wife is out of town…" he shove his face on her neck. She feel disgusted but she didn't show it. Instead she pushes him to the wall and touch him down there.

"Mr. Porter, you naughty man. Before that—I want to have the documents first."

"We still have twenty minutes." He grin seductively but it didn't affect her. She was so disgusted that she almost puke in front of him. He moan when her hand rubbed his crotch.

"Document firsts."

He pull out the document and she scanned it bending down seductively for him. He excitedly hold her hips with his big palms. That's right. She just need his hand print and everything work well. She glance at the secured door that needed his handprint to enter it. Soon, she'll see what's inside.

"Do you like to do another position tonight?" he scoop her breasts and squeeze it.

Catriona couldn't hold it anymore so she pushes his hand and patted his chest.

"Doctor Porter—we are here in the hospital… please be patient until tonight." She blow him a kiss and she stepped out of his office to proceed with her next plan. She went to her own office and gather all the classified documents. Since there's no camera inside the office, she's free to do whatever she wanted.

After she took photos of the documents she sends it to Death. Then she fixed everything and put it back into the right places. She's using gloves so her hand print or finger print wouldn't leave marks. Also to double the protection, she had a clay hand gloves that camouflage as a real hand of the woman that she's pretending to be.

"Catastrophe, we have a problem." Tequila announce. "They are planning to do a security check. Get out of there now."

"Roger." She mutter and scanned the paper folder that the man gave. She haven't taken a good look at it but had captured it one by one. It said that they are launching this new drug moving forward to the Philippines. They have to intercept it.

She left her office with her bag telling the receptionist that she have an emergency. Since she did a background check on the woman, it was easy for her to make an excuse. So she said that her mother's doctor called and explained a few things. The receptionist of course told her not to worry.

She went to the underground park and drove her car away. She was relieved when she's near the gate. The guards were weary and haven't gotten a command. It will take a while so after some minutes, they let her out.

She drove fast away from the facility and met Tequila at their hideout. He's disguise as an old man. She open the car door for him and went to the woman's house. The woman was still sleeping soundly. Tequila rummage around the house and found nothing until he spotted something.

He move closer to the photo of doctors and capture it with his phone. He looked at it one last time and he saw a man in his middle thirties sitting on a wheelchair and wearing a suit. His heartbeat suddenly increase. Catriona look at the photo and then at Tequila's expression that was masked by the old man's face.

"Let's go."

They took their things and soon rode on another car. The neighborhood was quiet and it was somehow odd. Once they reach the house they rented, Catriona took off the mask and make up remover. She closed her eyes and spray it on her face then she wipe it gently. Then she remove the clay gently from her hand and put it away for safety. She washes her face and wipe it gently.

"Let's remove that ugly face." Catriona took his phone away and sat down on the coffee table in front of him. She started peeling off the masked and Death help her by putting it to safety so Tequila could use it again.

"It was taken recently." He told her. "I thought he was dead for good. But that bastard survive."

The man from the photo was Tequila's ultimate rival. Catriona almost died because of him. The man was one of the agents that Sabrina recruited. He sell off Catriona to their rival for 1 billion dollars. Tequila and the man named Eros with a code name of cupid was always on competition to get Sabrina's approval at that time they didn't know Sabrina was their big boss.

They just thought that she's a recruiter and the manager of EPUA only one person knows that she's the big boss and that was Veronica. Sabrina gave them a little test and just like that their big boss calculated that someone will betray the team. Tequila thought that he fell from the cliff and died but—instead the man became cripple.

"Hey." Catriona tapped his face. At that time, they were young and still in process of thinking why Sabrina think indifferently. Like a real criminal would think. She's calculative and now they all understand why. At that time, Catriona didn't know yet that Veronica was her half-sister.


"You are thinking too much. Of course that bastard survived. He learnt safety measures and know how to survive in shits." She said. "Besides, he's already on the enemy's side. Don't worry too much. Our facility has changed and it's bigger than before."

"Sabrina will be thrilled." Tequila chuckled and call Sabrina. Soon Sabrina answered his cool. "Hey there Big Boss, I just saw an interesting photo. But I have to warn you not to be shocked." She didn't speak as usual. "Anyway, I saw Eros in a photo together with the doctor that Catriona disguise as… he look elegant in his white suit sitting on his forever throne. The man is crippled. Just so you know—I badly want to cut the man's thing for wanting to shove it to Cat's—Sorry boss! Anyway give us orders… my hands are itching for revenge." 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝓻𝚎𝙖𝑑. ᴄ𝗼m

Suddenly a woman's laughter could be heard from the other side of the line. It was beautiful. It sound beautiful, elegant and powerful.

"We have time in meeting the little cupid. Focus on your work first and I'll let you handle the man's thing." Then the woman hang up. It sounded like Sabrina when she order them through writing. He was still shocked and his mouth was open. Did Sabrina just talk? Was it their big boss?

"What?" Catriona asked with frown. "I heard a woman's voice."

Tequila didn't put down the phone though Sabrina from the other line had hung up.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 105 Hearing her voice