Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 21 4 Tailed Wisp Fox

[Day 15]

I felt somebody shaking my body back and forth in order to wake me up but,

"It's too early..."

"Master it's close to noon right now," says a woman's voice.

I don't care if it's noon just let me go back to sleep.

I pull the warm blanket tightly over me, making sure whoever is trying to wake me up won't try and take it away from me.

5 minutes pass and nobody tried to wake me up, instead, I smelt food being cooked outside. My belly couldn't help but grumble from the smell. Another 5-minute passes and I'm so hungry. I decided to crawl out of bed with my eyes still closed.

"Maids, help me change..." I say sleepily.

"Yes master," says multiple voices.

Wait what multiple voices!

I quickly open my eyes to see 4 elves helping me change. I forgot that every one of the spirit elves evolved last night. Sophia and Aika were standing on the side, it seems like they wanted to let the newly evolved maids shine but... that doesn't mean they can shy away from their job.

"Sophia, Aika what are you doing? Even though you want these girls to shine that doesn't mean you can ignore the job I assigned you both,"

"Sorry master, please forgive us," they both say in unison.

"Get me some breakfast er- lunch then," I respond.

Both Sophia and Aika immediately left my home while the rest of the maids have just finished helping me change. It basically looked the same besides the length of it, before it only went down to my knees but now it went down just above my ankles.

"Good job," I said to the maids.

After I said that they only bowed which freaked me out a bit but it seems that Aika had taught them proper etiquette now that they have brains.

After leaving the cave I looked around to see something that looked like a village of houses. Everybody seemed to have a house for themselves and some of the Amazonians knew how to do interior so there was a line of elves and other Amazonians lined up to ask them to theirs.

After looking around I found the usual pile that we eat around which was kind of near the outskirts of all the houses. I saw Kumo, Akito, and... OOOOOH is that Homura. Sitting down on a stone is a humanoid figure with long light blue hair that reaches down to her waist. 2 little light blue/white fox ears poke out from the top of her head while 4 light blue/white tails swish around from right above her butt. Her breasts had grown much bigger than mine and the only way I could describe her in 2 words would be onee san... at least I'm pretty sure that's how you use it.

"Homura is that you," I call out.

The humanoid figure turns around and says,

"Oh, master! Good morning, look at my new evolution,"

When she turned around I saw her face and she was beautiful, the most noticeable part would be her eyes which had square light blue pupils.


[Name: Homura]

[Race: 4 Tailed Wisp Fox]

[Status: Servant]

[Level: 1/60]

[HP: 100/100 MP: 80/80 SP: 25/25]

[Strength: 10]

[Defense: 8]

[Magic: 50]

[Speed: 30]

[Luck: 1]

[Charisma: 15]

[Skills: [Wisp Magic] [Body Enhancement] [Feral Claws] [Fire Immunity] [Intense Focus]

[Body Modification: [Ring of Wisps: 1]

[Titles: [Servant] [Chiefs Daughter]


Oh, a body modification I should ask her about that later because I have a lot of things I would like to do today... probably should have woke up earlier.

I waved and sat down right next to her. We talked about how she got multiple choices for her evolution which Kumo was jealous of. She never told me this but she didn't get a selection when fell asleep she only saw [Moonlight Crawler]. The other ones were more powerful forms than the one she selected but none of them gave her a humanoid form.

After talking for a while Aika and Sophia came back with food for me. It was different this time though, I had something called a Horse Beetle with various different vegetables including some new ones that looked like cucumbers and one that was pink and star-shaped.

[Horse Beetle]

p [A beetle found explicitly in the [Forest of Poison]. The beetle has two pincers right above its mouth which is lined with poison. The beetle is a bit bigger than the size of your average horse.]

[Gained the following skills]

[Posion Immunity]

[Horse Beetles Extreme Senses]

[Poison Resistance 2/5 has merged with Poison Immunity]

The beetle meat was soft and juicy while the cucumbers and the pink star were just crunchy and refreshing. As I was getting up Aika hands me a cup of water which she seemed proud of. She started to tell me that the new weaponsmiths have brought in the idea of cups and also metal silverware.

I wanted to try and make this place more organized so I went around to all of the jobs and see what's up. Aika insisted on following me which I eventually caved letting her do what she wants but Sophia didn't want to come so I let her go back to the other maids.

First, there were the Tailors, 2 were elves while 3 of them were Amazonians. They seemed to get along well so I wasn't worried about any conflict. Aimi is able to make clothes with her [Thread Manipulation] but the rest of them used rubber cotton and a new type of material that can be found in the trees of the [Forest of Poison], Poisonous Silk. As it says in its name it is poisonous which gives it a yellowish color but you can get around this by repeatedly washing it until the yellow is completely gone. Apparently, it is softer than the threads that Aimi can produce as of now, maybe she will improve them later on.

Next was the weaponsmiths, 2 were elves and the rest were Amazonians. When the Amazonians were assigned to the weaponsmiths they had no clue what they were doing. Their village only used wooden spears that had sharp rocks tied to the end of them instead of trying to use metal. This meant Aiso and his assistant had to teach them what to do. Just like the other Amazonians, they were able to learn quickly and adapt. In the beginning, they had a conflict because of the Amazonian's huge pride but once Aiso showed them what he does they immediately started to respect him.

It seems like Aiso and his assistant had a hard time using the ore that we found in my cave but instead were supplied by Akio with new ores.


[A very common ore that only resides in [Waterfall Hills]. This ore is just a bit harder than rock but when enough heat is applied it can become as hard as iron. The only downside is that it is fragile but this leads to it becoming extremely light as well.]


[A common ore that resides anywhere in [The Mountain of Twighlight]. This is the most basic ore for making armor and weapons.]

They already have a prototype for a bow made out of Krorium and prototypes for a sword and shield made out of iron. The metal silverware were going to be made out of Krorium but it seems it's a bit hard to get the right shapes.

The next group I was going to visit was cooks but I saw the hunters about to leave so I rushed over to them.

Akito is very proud of his new subordinates... that's what he likes to call them now. They were able to adapt to working by themselves quickly since before when they hunted it would always be in a group of 3. In the beginning, they would always rebel until Akito challenged the new recruits and he said that,

"If you can beat me, you can take my spot as the head of the hunters,"

"That sounds badass, I'm assuming none of them beat you right? They all respect you and want to surpass you it seems," I replied.

"Yeah, we had one hunting session early in the morning and some of them brought back as much prey as me," said Akito.

I and Akito talked for a bit more until he started to get restless so I sent him and his group off while I and Aika walked over to the cooks.

Aito had 3 new Amazonians to work for him which they easily complimented each other's dishes. All 5 of them had a passion for cooking so as long as they got to cook they were fine with working with another race. The new Amazonian chefs were the ones that told the Hunters to gather some of the new vegetables I had for lunch. His assistant unlike the other assistants of other groups actually had skills on par with the leader. The reason he doesn't complain about his position would probably be because he respects Aito who was named by me.

I was about to go check on the builders but I heard Akios voice in the distance,

"Master, we have finished most of the rooms for your castle, would you like to see?"


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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 21 4 Tailed Wisp Fox