Apocalypse Of All Races
Chapter 2063

?2063 Chapter 455, Nan Yuan Ruins (subscription required)

It was the first time for many people at the human realm to come here.

The scene quieted down.

Some of the geniuses from the ten thousand clans who came first smiled, some didn’t pay too much attention to it, and some looked at Moduo and the others. Moduo and the others didn’t even look at the group of people behind them.

Moduo took a step in the air and walked forward. He said softly, “Let’s go to Nan Yuan and take a look. I wonder if there’s a second Su Yu in Su Yu’s hometown.”

He was only a little interested in Su Yu. As for the others... he was not interested.

At this moment, someone among the group of young men and women transmitted his voice, “Test them. These guys are probably the geniuses on the heaven-hunting list. Manor Head wants us to try...”

“Be careful. Don’t be careless. The geniuses on the heaven-hunting list are all strong people!”

“We are all from the multiple divine languages department and are invincible among those of the same level. We can just try...”

Among the group of people, some secretly transmitted their voices, while others remained calm and collected.

None of them immediately showed off their strength. Some of these people had already become the overlords of a small world, and they had fought countless battles. They were not as reckless as they had imagined.

Even those arrogant people remained calm and collected. So what if I’m arrogant? However, I don’t pick on others. Sometimes, being arrogant is also a form of protection, making others fear you.

At this moment, a few of these young men and women flew out, attracting the attention of the geniuses of the ten thousand races.

One of them, a short-haired man, bared his teeth and smiled. Suddenly, his expression changed as he said, “How Dare You Touch Me!”

After saying this, he shouted, “Set up an array and kill the enemy!”

In an instant, more than ten divine runes appeared from the three people with him, directly imprisoning a genius of the demon race. A sword appeared in the short-haired man’s hand, and he slashed out!

There were more than ten sealing divine runes.

As for the imprisoned Demon Genius, he roared crazily, and his blood surged into the sky. With a boom, the divine runes were blasted away.


The short-haired man stabbed his sword into his opponent’s head. Blood flowed from his head, making the demon genius look even more ferocious.

“You’re courting death!”


The short-haired man’s expression changed slightly as he punched out. Without saying anything, he dragged the other three and instantly entered a barrier formed by divine runes. In the blink of an eye, the barrier disappeared into the void.

Everything happened too quickly!

The demon race genius went crazy. His face was covered in blood as he roared, “You’re courting death!”

The young men and women behind him silently calculated and ignored his roar.

Someone chuckled. “It has nothing to do with us. We don’t know them. Go look for him! Everyone, disperse and return to your respective manors!”

As they spoke, everyone sent voice transmissions.

“Demon Genius, ninth level Ling Yun, ranked 17th on the profound board. How can he be so difficult to deal with!”

“That was Shang Ming from the Great Shang Mansion, right? The four of them worked together to restrain him, but he actually broke through the restraints. Shang Ming also has the strength of the ninth level of Ling Yun, but he actually didn’t manage to kill the genius of the profound board with one strike!”

The group of people were actually secretly shocked.

That Shang Ming was also a genius. He was from the multiple divine arts department. When he worked together with the other three, he instantly restrained the demons. In the end, he was actually broken through the restraints by the other party. This was somewhat terrifying.

Was the profound board that strong?

The group of people quickly transmitted their voices. As for the demon genius, he couldn’t contain his anger and wanted to take revenge. However, those few people had escaped. When he looked at the others, there were groups of nearly a hundred people in total.

On his side, there were quite a number of people who looked like they were watching a show. They were also testing each other and gauging the other party’s strength. No one wanted to help at all.

“Moduo na!”

The demon roared loudly, “They ambushed me and bullied me with numbers. Aren’t you going to do anything about it?”

Moduo na, who had already walked quite a distance away, felt a little helpless when he heard that. Without saying anything else, he threw a punch!


With a punch that was more than a thousand meters away, his yuan qi exploded. A huge shield appeared instantly and exploded!

Shang Ming and the other three were among them. This time, the divine runes exploded and the four of them spat out blood. The pale-faced Shang Ming did not say a word. Another divine rune appeared and dragged the few of them away before disappearing from the spot.

They were all at the ninth level of Ling Yun!

Moduo was the same!

However, at this moment, the surroundings were shaken. was this the number one person on the Heaven Roll?

A punch was thrown from over a thousand meters away. Shang Ming and the others, who were not weak previously, were severely injured by his punch. The four of them were heavily injured, and perhaps one or two of the divine runes had completely exploded.

Moduo didn’t chase after them nor was he interested. He turned around to look at those people, he calmly said, “I’m Not Your Dao Protector, nor am I in charge of protecting you. I have my own matters, so you can do what you want! “If you’re killed by someone, if you’re killed by someone, that’s also your business! “I’m here today, so I’ll stand up for you once. There won’t be a next time!”

He then looked at those humans and calmly said, “Don’t provoke me. You’re not good enough, or rather... only by killing will you remember the lesson. Then I don’t Mind Killing You Now!”

It was extremely quiet!

Moduo smiled and his long hair danced in the wind. Soon, he left. His voice sounded again, “If Su Yu is willing to leave the city, I am willing to fight him. If he doesn’t leave the city, then forget it. After suffering a few losses, I will not enter the city again!”

There was a smile in his tone. Su Yu could fight.

However, if he was in the city, then forget it. That guy was not an honest person. He would trap and kill him.

It was better to leave the city and fight!

Zhan Wushuang and the others also had indifferent expressions. They did not look at those human experts or the geniuses of the ten thousand clans. These people were extremely proud and did not want to fight with these people.

In an instant, they all left and disappeared.


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