Apocalypse Of All Races
Chapter 2059

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The Xia family is really unreliable.

The matter has already been initiated. Tell me that there’s a problem that hasn’t been resolved yet.

F * ck!

This group of unreliable people actually relied on luck. Su Yu was also convinced. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

“Is there any treasure in the ruins?”

“There is. There’s quite a lot of heaven essence qi.”

“F * ck you!”

Su Yu cursed and quickly said, “You guys are really irresponsible. At least come to the Heaven Yuan fruit tree, the sun moon profound yellow pond, and some ancient corpses...”

“There are very few ancient corpses in the ruins. Don’t worry about that.”

Su Yu was too lazy to say anything and made a judgment, he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s fine. I’ll provide the good stuff. I still have a lot of sun moon profound yellow liquid to create a fake sun moon profound yellow pond and heaven yuan fruit tree... you guys create a fake one, and I’ll hang fruits on it!”

Xia Huyou hesitated for a moment and said, “That... Don’t you know what the relic looks like?”


Nonsense, how would I know.

“The relic might not necessarily have a heaven origin fruit tree. Also... Su Yu, is your relic really not in the southern Yuan?”

‘It’s Your Grandpa!’!

Su Yu rolled his eyes. He was convinced. Alright, since everyone was so sure that there was a relic in the southern yuan, it had too much to do with Su Yu.

It was because he was born in Nan Yuan that everyone believed him.

Thinking of this, Su Yu rubbed his chin and said, “In addition, I still need to create ancient books and ancient cultivation methods. What I passed down are all cultivation methods. There’s no reason why I don’t have a cultivation method. It would be best if it’s an incomparably powerful cultivation method...”

Su Yu and the Xia family were able to create all these things.

The Xia family didn’t really care about whether it was real or fake. They thought that it would be enough to just roughly create one. However, Su Yu felt that they still needed to be more reliable, more perfect, and more perfect.

If you faked it, it would be too fake. To Su Yu, the risk was too great.

Taking risks wasn’t Su Yu’s style.

He had to be more prudent!

He had to prevent the invincible truth from sneaking in and investigating. If that happened, many things would go wrong.

“Cut the crap, Fatty. Your Xia family will immediately create some fake heaven origin fruit trees. I will create the heaven origin fruit...”

Heaven origin fruit, Sun Moon Mystic Yellow Lake. Su Yu could create all of these.

He could also create cultivation techniques and such.

The Great Xia clan might have some real ancient books that they were willing to spend a lot of money on, so they took them out as well. This was the only way to meet their expectations.

Now, the only thing that was lacking was that the space was not sturdy enough.

With a glance, invincible knew that it was not enough to maintain Invincible Dao.

“Right, the ancient ruins have appeared. Did Anything Big Happen?”

“Yes, yes, yes, no. When some spaces are opened, there might be some big fluctuations. When others are opened, the movements are very small.”

“Then this one is the kind that makes some movements... it’s best if we can map out some of the things inside. That way, everyone will believe that this is real. There will be more people and more experts!”

“You... are done? My Xia family really doesn’t have anything good left.”


Su Yu cursed in his heart. If I come, I’ll come. If I win, it’ll still be mine.

If I lose, everything will be gone.

It’s all the same!

The only problem now was the problem of spatial stability.

Who should he look for to solve this problem?

Thinking of this, Su Yu quickly sent a voice transmission to Zhu Tiandao. This problem might be solved by the Daming Manor. The technology of the Daming Manor was very advanced. They had faked it before.

The last time, they had been preparing to break through and fake it for him.

The Great Xia Manor placed too much emphasis on killing, so they didn’t know much about these things.


Daming Manor.

Zhu Tiandao took a glance and had a strange look in his eyes. I thought they were using real relics, but it turned out to be fake. Didn’t Su Yu bring out his own relics?

Alright, he took it seriously.

“The spatial stability isn’t enough...”

The Xia family didn’t communicate with him, so Zhu Tiandao didn’t mind. If it wasn’t for Su Yu, the Xia family wouldn’t have told him anything. Perhaps they would have suspected that the darming King was a traitor. This possibility was still very high.

Now, Su Yu trusted him and only told him some things. Zhu Tiandao was somewhat gratified.

However... it would be great if the spatial stability could be raised to the point of being able to maintain the Invincible Dao. It would be very difficult.

It was not that easy to confuse the real with the fake.

After thinking for a while, very soon.., zhu Tiandao replied, “It is not impossible to increase the stability of space. There will be a huge price to pay! “I will give you a few plans. First, fuse a large amount of heaven and earth mystic light into it. This thing has the effect of stabilizing and strengthening one’s physical body. Naturally, heaven and earth will nurture it and also strengthen space

“Second, shatter a large amount of divine runes. If the divine runes are shattered, it will also have the effect of stabilizing the space.”


“Third, one or more heavenly weapons are needed to fuse into it. This is also possible.”

“Fourth, the most stable thing is usually the carrying object. This thing is extremely hard to find. If you fuse it into the space, it can also stabilize the space. This thing can withstand the erosion of the river of time. Do you know what a carrying object is?”

“Fifth, Heaven Yuan Qi. Countless amounts of heaven yuan qi. Heaven Yuan Qi also has the effect of stabilizing space.”

“Sixth, array formation, a powerful array formation!”


Zhu Tiandao explained many plans in a row. Su Yu moved slightly and said, “Manor Head, a carrier can strengthen space?”

“Nonsense. That thing can even bear invincible power. Of course, it can carry a small space. It’s much stronger than divine runes! Three generations of one body can only be carried by a supreme treasure. Don’t you understand this principle?”

Zhu Tiandao said, then, he said, “However, this thing is too rare! “There are only so many supreme treasures in the world, and most of them have been taken away by those invincible and quasi-invincible at the peak of the ninth level of the sun-moon realm. I don’t think the Great Xia mansion has them. If they do, they have to provide them to Xia Longwu.”

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