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Alpha Reborn!
Chapter 140 140: A Fierce Dance

Evan cleared his throat before speaking up, his eyes fixed on Dylan's imposing figure. "Seems like you were already aware of my presence but just acted like you hadn't noticed my arrival. May I ask why?"

Dylan raised an eyebrow, his expression unreadable. "I was simply testing you," he said simply, his tone cool and detached. "If you had sneak attacked me, I would have really felt disappointed. A guy without morals is not worthy of being a descendant of my brother's Frost Clan. If you had failed my test, I would have attacked you with full force and aimed to kill you."

Evan's face showed a mix of relief and astonishment as he realized he had unknowingly passed the founder's test and even managed to impress him!

Wanting to confirm, he asked Dylan, "Since there are consequences for failing the test, I assume there are rewards for passing it as well?"

Dylan nodded and replied with a hint of amusement, "Of course, there are rewards for those who pass."

Curiosity sparked in Evan's eyes as he inquired, "What would be my reward then?"

"You have proven yourself to be a good seed, and it would be a pity to kill you. I won't be using any weapons to fight you, but you're welcome to use your weapon if you like. I'll be fighting barehanded," Dylan said.

Evan deliberated for a moment, mulling over whether he should use his magic weapon or not. Nevertheless, after some contemplation, he stowed it away in his inventory. He stepped back and shifted into a combative posture, fully prepared to confront Dylan with nothing but his own two hands and soul skills.

Dylan was taken aback by Evan's unexpected action. He had anticipated that Evan would rely on his magic weapon to fight him, but Evan's decision to fight unarmed went against everyone's expectations, including Dylan's.

"Why did you put away your weapon? You would undoubtedly have the upper hand in this bout if you used it," Dylan inquired, thoroughly impressed by Evan's choice to fight without his weapon.

Evan beamed and responded, "Although my magic weapon might give me an edge, it wouldn't make for a fair fight. I've always believed in doing what's right and avoiding any regrets. I refuse to compromise my values just to gain an advantage over you. Since you're unarmed, I'll fight you without weapons as well. Besides, this fight isn't solely about winning; it's about proving myself to the clan and earning their respect. I believe that respect is gained through deeds, not just victories. Hence, I'll battle you without the aid of my magic weapon and earn that respect."

"I like you. Show me what you got," Dylan said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Evan grinned, feeling a surge of adrenaline. "As you wish," he replied before darting towards Dylan in a flurry of swift movements.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sound of fists and limbs colliding filled the air as the two cultivators clashed with immense force. Every punch and kick produced a resounding thud, accompanied by the sounds of grunts and heavy breathing. They fought relentlessly, neither of them backing down even an inch.


Suddenly, a resounding reverberation echoed throughout the arena as their legs collided in a ferocious clash. The shockwaves produced by the impact were so powerful that the ground beneath them cracked, causing the two cultivators to back off momentarily as they attempted to regain their balance.

"You know what, I gotta admit it. You're not bad at all. In fact, you're even better than I expected. But don't get too cocky, because I'm just getting warmed up." Dylan said to Evan.

"Cockiness is not my style, Founder Dylan," Evan replied calmly, his voice laced with a subtle confidence. "I prefer to let my actions speak for myself. And if you think you've seen all I've got, then you're in for a surprise." With a faint smile on his face, Evan took a step forward, his eyes locked onto Dylan's. "Let's continue this dance, shall we?"

Dylan grinned, impressed by Evan's cool and collected response. "Boy, you've got some nerve. But I like that." He cracked his knuckles, the sound echoing through the room. "Let's do this. I'm ready for anything you've got." He then crouched down slightly, assuming a fighting stance. "Come on then, show me what you've got."

Dylan and Evan moved with blinding speed, their movements so quick that even the spectators struggled to keep up with them. They darted around the arena, their bodies a blur as they exchanged lightning-fast strikes in a dizzying display of skill and precision. Every time they clashed, the impact produced a deafening roar that echoed throughout the arena, accompanied by a shockwave that shook the ground to its core.

Their movements were so fast that it was impossible to follow their techniques. It was like watching two lightning bolts dance around each other, each one trying to outmaneuver the other. Their fists and legs moved so swiftly that they appeared to blur, leaving behind only the afterimages of their strikes.

Yet, despite their incredible speed and power, neither of them seemed to gain the upper hand. They were evenly matched, each one anticipating the other's moves and countering them with lightning-fast strikes. The intensity of their battle was palpable, and the spectators watched in awe as they continued their relentless assault.


Suddenly, Evan threw a lightning-fast punch at him.


With lightning-fast reflexes, Dylan narrowly dodged Evan's punch by turning his head at the last second.

"Got you!" Dylan exclaimed as taking advantage of that opening, he seized Evan's head and drove it into the ground with incredible force.

"Not really," Evan retorted playfully, as much to Dylan's surprise, he promptly sank into his shadow, evading Dylan's grip and the pain that awaited him if his head had impacted against the ground.

Dylan was stunned to see Evan disappear into the shadows, but he quickly regained his composure and searched for Evan. He remained alert, scanning the devastated arena for any signs of his opponent's next move.

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Alpha Reborn! Chapter 140 140: A Fierce Dance