All Hail Cousin Brother
Chapter 54 - Shot in the Foot

Chapter 54: Shot in the Foot

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Zhou Linghuai said in a low voice, “Tell me in detail about everything that happened in the Yu Residence today.”

Since he was staying with the Yu family, he had naturally assigned someone to keep an eye on everything that was happening in the Yu Residence.

As Yin San recounted the events, his voice revealed no emotion, and Zhou Linghuai’s expression remained indifferent too. His hands rested on the armrests, and his fingers tapped occasionally as he listened, until the thread of conversation suddenly took a turn. “… In the afternoon, Eldest Master Yu returned to the residence. He first went to the Main Courtyard, then angrily marched to the Jade Courtyard…”

Zhou Linghuai’s tapping fingers suddenly paused.

“… Old Master Yu slapped Eldest Miss Yu in a fit of anger, alarming Old Madam Yu…” Yin San could sense the rise in Young Master’s emotions, and his tone became more cautious. He explained everything about Yu Youyao without missing a single detail.

After everything was recounted, Zhou Linghuai said, “Okay.”

In a flash, Yin San’s figure disappeared, and the only trace of his movement was a few falling leaves from the big tree in the courtyard.

Zhou Linghuai pursed his lips. After being hit by her father and suffering such a grievance, she still remembered to ask the maidservant to bring Imperial Physician Hu over to treat him, although the sachet she had promised him was still nowhere in sight.

“Young Master, where did you get this medicinal formula?” Suddenly, Uncle Sun’s excited voice came from behind.

Zhou Linghuai turned around in his wheelchair and saw Uncle Sun’s hunched figure walking over quickly. “Is this the Xie family’s secret recipe? This is an extremely rare recipe for cultivation of the core spirit and vitality. No wonder it’s been so effective for Young Master.”

Zhou Linghuai frowned. “Show me the prescription.”

Uncle Sun took a deep breath and handed it over.

The more Zhou Linghuai looked at it, the worse his expression became. In the end, his entire face turned pale and he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the medicinal cuisine he usually ate.

Even an ordinary doctor could tell the value of this secret formula. It was impossible that Imperial Physician Hu didn’t know as well.

Imperial Physician Hu was usually very cautious, and was very conservative when it came to diagnosing patients. He almost always hid some powerful treatments and did not reveal them to others easily.

Although Imperial Physician Hu and Yu Zongzheng knew each other personally, they were colleagues at most. Furthermore, they were neither relatives nor friends. It was impossible for him to give such a precious prescription to him so easily.

Could it be that Yu Youyao had actually asked Imperial Physician Hu to write this prescription for him?

After all, even Uncle Sun believed that this recipe was most likely the medicinal cuisine he had been eating recently.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed. Zhou Linghuai’s expression turned complex.

Seeing that the young master had finished reading the prescription, Uncle Sun hurriedly retrieved it and, as if talking about a precious treasure, said, “Of course! The young cicadas that have lived deep under the Agarwood tree for twelve years, sucking on the sap of the tree—amazing! Why hadn’t I thought of this? Agarwood is a type of tree with extremely precious medicinal properties Many medicine formulas use Agarwood as well. Young cicadas suck on the sap of the tree for years as they wait to break out of the soil. Hence, the medicinal properties would have accumulated in their bodies over twelve years, and would have even been enhanced further within them.”

Zhou Linghuai said nothing.

Uncle Sun continued, “And this Five-Miracle herb, is it the feces of a creature? Oh, that’s right, it looks like congealed fat and contains the spiritual energy of the five elements. That’s how its name had come about…”

Zhou Linghuai couldn’t stand it anymore. With a somber expression, he turned his wheelchair and returned to the study.

This type of creature was also known as the orange mole. It was often used as an extremely expensive ingredient for Chinese medicine, but at the thought of its feces being used instead, he wished that he had not seen the formula instead.

When Chun Xiao returned to the Jade Courtyard, she told Yu Youyao about Imperial Physician Hu’s diagnosis. “Young Master Hu’s spinal cord was injured, and his foundation was damaged. Imperial Physician Hu said that there was no way to treat him, so he could only prescribe a formula for Young Master to nourish his vitality.”

After saying that, she repeated everything that Imperial Physician Hu had said, without leaving out a single word.

Yu Youyao was a little disappointed, but when she thought about how her cousin had already come to terms with it, she decided that there was no need for her to take it to heart. Recently, she had been learning medicinal cuisine from Nanny Xu. There were many medicinal dishes from the inner palace that could nourish one’s vitality. Her spiritual dew also worked wonders for nourishing the body, and her grandmother’s health had improved a lot recently. From now on, she would continue to send medicinal cuisine that contained her spiritual dew to her cousin every day, and it would probably be beneficial to his health.

Meanwhile, Madam Yang had returned to the Main Courtyard.

The curtains had already been put away. Yu Jianjia was leaning slightly against the head of the bed. Her face looked pale and drained of any color, while her beautiful eyes were misty. There was a hint of red between her light-pink lips, revealing a soft beautiful look.

Yang Shuwan sat on the edge of the bed and held Yu Jianjia’s hand. Seeing that she looked haggard and defeated, Yu Jianjia’s heart dropped. “Mother, what happened with Father…”

When Yang Shuwan recalled what Imperial Physician Hu had said, she did not dare to say anything that might agitate her. “Imperial Physician Hu said that your vitality was damaged when you fell seriously ill previously. You need to relax and nourish your body, so that you can overcome your illness. I’ve been married to your father for many years, so naturally, I know how to handle him. After a few days, when your father’s anger has subsided a little, I’ll coax him a little more. He’ll definitely be appeased.”

Yu Jianjia had already guessed that her grandmother was probably completely furious. Her father was also furious this time and would not be coaxed so easily. However, when she thought of her mother’s usual ways of dealing with her father, she felt a little more at ease.

Hence, she bit her lower lip lightly and nodded in agreement.

After leaving the inner room, Yang Shuwan turned around and instructed Hui Xiang, “From now on, don’t mention any matters of the residence unnecessarily in front of Third Miss.”

Hui Xiang quickly nodded.

Only then did Yang Shuwan feel relieved and returned to the main courtyard.

At this moment, Mu Jin came over to report, “Master has gone to the study in the front courtyard. He did not go to the Clear Autumn Courtyard.”

Yang Shuwan heaved a sigh of relief. Regardless of everything else, she and Jia Jia had achieved their goal.

As long as Yu Zongzheng did not go to stay at Concubine He’s place, he didn’t break the rules and her dignity as the first wife was preserved. As for Master’s dissatisfaction and anger, she always found a solution somehow.

But she had no idea—

Yu Zongzheng had returned to the front courtyard angrily, planning to rest in the study.

However, Concubine He was someone who knew how to please men. How could she not know that Master had a fire burning within him? Furthermore, he had yet to have dinner. Hence, she ordered someone to cook a pot of bird’s nest soup and secretly brought it to the front courtyard alone.

When Yu Zongzheng saw how thoughtful Concubine He was, he immediately removed her clothes and pressed her against the desk.

The two of them were being too loud, which caused the servants in the front yard to have flushed faces and knew to avoid disturbing them. Judging from the situation, it was likely to last through most of the night, so the old maids very sensibly headed to the kitchen to boil a few huge pots of water.

In the past, such a matter would definitely have been discovered by Yang Shuwan. However, after today’s ordeal, she was both mentally and physically exhausted.

She returned to the house in a daze, then suddenly realized that she hadn’t even had dinner. She was so hungry that body ached and her stomach hurt.

She had been unhappy to see Yu Youyao riding on the crest of success recently and that everything had been going smoothly for the girl. She had wanted to use Master to teach Yu Youyao a lesson in order to expunge her arrogance. Unexpectedly, in the end, she had shot herself in the foot, and had to swallow all of the bitter consequences herself.

It really made her feel sick.

Yang Shuwan’s stomach hurt terribly. With a pale face, she asked Nanny Li to prepare a few snacks from the kitchen, planning to fill her stomach first.

However, after taking just two bites, Mu Jin entered and said, “Nanny Liu is here.”

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All Hail Cousin Brother Chapter 54 - Shot in the Foot