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Chapter 31 - Possessed

Chapter 31 - Possessed

"Four times?" Gu Xingfeng said. Then, his gaze fell on Hao Baiyun who coughed and his face slightly pale. "I thought you said that the ghosts can't kill a person?" he asked.

Hao Baiyun shook his head. "They really can't." he answered. "Even if they would become an evil ghost, the worst they could do is cause those who was living their sickness to worsen." He said. "Also, they can't kill them – directly." He added. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com


Hao Baiyun nodded. "They can scare the humans to death.. However, the cause of the death will be heart attack." He said. "It's the human's body that failed them." He explained. "They can also make a human slip on the stairs, but what happens after will have nothing to do to them. It's their bad luck." He added.

Gu Xingfeng looked at Hao Baiyun, speechless. It's still the ghost who killed them! He thought, his face dark.

Hao Baiyun saw Gu Xingfeng's expression and he finally straightforwardly said. "The ghost can affect the human only psychologically, not physically." He said. "Xu Wenrong's body has been brutally torn apart. It's not something a ghost can do." He told Gu Xingfeng.

Silence fell, and it's not a calming one. Added by the sound of the heavy rain, one felt eerie and fear crept up in their heart. The police officers inside and near Xu Wenrong's unit who heard what Hao Baiyun said felt alarmed. Xu Wenrong… he was killed by someone. They all thought and looked at their colleague, a trace of suspicion in their eyes.

Gu Xingfeng, on the other hand, his mind was working fast. "… Possession?" he asked, his voice low.

Hao Baiyun nodded. "Yes." he said. He gave Gu Xingfeng a 'so you're IQ is still online' look. Gu Xingfeng, even though he correctly guessed, but didn't feel better. Instead, his heart was experiencing a storm.

The police officers who heard it didn't feel calm, but felt more scared! Someone was possessed by a ghost! And it might not be only one, but four! They thought as they remembered their colleague's words earlier. "Hey – " someone called and turned to the police officer who answered Gu Xingfeng earlier. However, his face registered a shocked look. Now that he thought of his colleague, he found that he couldn't remember which colleague was it!

The other police officers also thought the same, and they felt uncomfortable thinking that the one beside them might be possessed by a ghost. Fortunately, Hao Baiyun spoke at this time. "Secure Xu Wenrong's unit, and his corpse." He told Gu Xingfeng. "Save Li Lingling and Su Rong first." He told him.

Gu Xingfeng spoke in the phone. "You heard him." He said.

Even though they don't want to move right now, but they just can't ignore Gu Xingfeng's order. Thus, some of them fetched their colleagues who went to Li Lingling and Su Rong. Then, they found that Li Lingling's wrist was bleeding. "Call for an ambulance!" they said while someone called Gu Xingfeng's phone to report. On the other hand, they saw Su Rong's mouth was foaming. "He might have poisoned himself! Call another ambulance for him!"


Gu Xingfeng and Hao Baiyun listened to the police officers' report. "Pray tell." Gu Xingfeng said, his face now calm as he looked at Hao Baiyun.

Hao Baiyun looked at the two cellphone in Gu Xingfeng's hands. Gu Xingfeng understood what he meant and he immediately turned off the cellphones. "It's as you guessed. The ghosts possessed your subordinates and killed Xu Wenrong." Hao Baiyun said.

The police officer on the side paled. "How can that be?!" he said. "Everyone was closely monitoring the three suspects. How will they have a chance to kill Xu Wenrong?!" he asked.

Hao Baiyun ignored him while Gu Xingfeng spoke. "The four shadows… who are they?" he asked.

"Fu Ling." Hao Baiyun answered as his pupils flickered. "Tan Yu. Wei Jing. Wu She." He spoke the names one after the other. Gu Xingfeng and the police officer doesn't know whether it was just them, but the surrounding suddenly became darker. The street lights flickered and slowly turned dim, creating an eerie atmosphere.

"So it was Xu Wenrong who killed the three aside from Fu Ling?" Gu Xingfeng asked as he looked at Hao Baiyun's absent-mined expression.

"Yes." Hao Baiyun said, then blinked. Suddenly, the street lights became brighter and the heavy feeling earlier disappeared. They also didn't feel that much cold earlier. "What happened? What did you just ask me?" Hao Baiyun suddenly asked Gu Xingfeng. His eyes looked bright.

"Nothing." Gu Xingfeng answered and turned to his subordinate. He gave him his cellphone. "Tell them to closely monitor Li Lingling and Su Rong." He said. "Don't let them die." He added.

The police officer almost fell on his knees because of fear but he persevered. "Y-Yes, sir!" he answered and immediately went to the side to call his colleagues.

Gu Xingfeng turned to Hao Baiyun who showed a pensive look. Two ambulances suddenly arrived and entered the open gate of the apartment building. The police officers heard the ambulance arrived and carried the unconscious Li Lingling and Su Rong to the ambulance. "Only two are left." Hao Baiyun said as they watched the ambulance left.

"We still have He Furong and Ji Shao." Gu Xingfeng said.

"How about Xu Wenrong?" Hao Baiyun suddenly asked.

The police officer on the side, who had just finished talking to his colleagues and heard what Hao Baiyun said, got a fright. Wasn't it him who said that Xu Wenrong is dead?! Why is he asking about Xu Wenrong now?!

Suddenly, he felt chills on his spine. He chose to hide behind Gu Xingfeng and took a peek of Hao Baiyun who was blankly looking at Gu Xingfeng, waiting for the latter's answer. Chief, young master Hao looked like a retard. He thought and looked at Gu Xingfeng. What will you answer, chief?

"Didn't you just say he's dead?" Gu Xingfeng asked back. The police officer's face darkened. It's over! Chief, didn't you see the strange expression of young master Hao?! Are you not afraid he'll suddenly kill you?! However, Gu Xingfeng already said it.

Hao Baiyun knit his brows. "Is that so?" he said and didn't push the matter.

Eh? The police officer was surprised. He's not cray-cray? He thought. "Yes." he heard Gu Xingfeng answered. That's it?! The police officer thought.

Hao Baiyun ignored the police officer staring at him. He's always been indifferent to everything. If he cared with each and every opinion of the people about him, he would've already lost his hair and become bald. "Su Rong might return to his senses after he woke up, and will escape. Guard him closely." He told Gu Xingfeng.

"Okay. What about Li Lingling?" Gu Xingfeng asked.

Hao Baiyun made a pause. "She'll commit suicide again." He answered. "Remove anything that she could use to kill herself." He added.

"Why would she commit suicide?" the police officer asked.

Hao Baiyun turned to him. "Who knows how one's mind thinks, and the ways of their heart?" he said, then turned to Gu Xingfeng who said those words, only to find Gu Xingfeng staring at him.

Gu Xingfeng's expression is serious. Did Hao Baiyun forgot what he said earlier, or…? He remembered what happened earlier. Was Hao Baiyun possessed?

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Afterlife Department Chapter 31 - Possessed