Afterlife Department
Chapter 26 - Related

Chapter 26 - Related

"Why are you telling me this?" Hao Baiyun asked as he calmly sipped his hot chocolate drink. "I can only tell you about the supernatural things." He told him.

Gu Xingfeng raised his head and looked at him. "You're too kind." He said, referring to the Supernatural Department's voluntary act of helping in the cases.

The Mysterious Intelligence Department – or simply called the Supernatural Department, is a specialized group that deals with the mysterious things or otherworldly events. Hao Baiyun is its director.

"I can't tell you much about the suspects, and I can't interfere much with your work." Hao Baiyun said, throwing him a 'you're so annoying' look.

Gu Xingfeng just chuckled.. "Actually, I found something." He told Hao Baiyun.

"Let's hear it, then." Hao Baiyun said.

Gu Xingfeng took out a few documents. "3 years ago, on the eleventh of June, at one in the afternoon, Li Lingling's husband died after being hit by a car and the driver ran away." He started. "The car was found in an empty area, the plate number was taken. The driver left no evidence, thus the case ended there." He said. "The same day, but some time before that, around twelve and a half at noon, a young man was stabbed and almost died." He pointed to a medical report. "The young man was Huo Ling. His attacker escaped." He said and looked at Hao Baiyun who was just sitting silently on his seat, calmly drinking his hot chocolate drink. "The same day, at three in the afternoon, He Furong returned to her work and filed a resignation letter." He finished.

"Your point is?" Hao Baiyun asked.

"Are these all coincidences?" Gu Xingfeng asked. He was not waiting for Hao Baiyun's answer, though, since the answer has been obvious. "Huo Ling, for some reason, was stabbed. His attacker escaped. Not long after that and someone hit Li Lingling's husband, and that someone escaped. Then, suddenly, He Furong resigned from her work." He leaned on his seat and folded his arms. He was smiling at Hao Baiyun, looking so handsome. "This is how the three people were connected." He said.

"Given that you are right – " Hao Baiyun said. " – what is He Furong's motive for killing Huo Ling?" he asked. "And why did she kill Li Lingling's husband?" he added.

"Li Lingling's husband is just an accident." Gu Xingfeng answered as he looked at the photos of the car tire's tracks that day. "After she tried to kill Huo Ling, she was flustered. Look – " he said and showed the photos to Hao Baiyun. "The car was swerving as it was driven." He said and looked at the unsteady track of the car's tires. "Li Lingling's husband suddenly appeared on the street and she hit him. It was found, Li Lingling's husband didn't check the streetlights and just saw it was green so he crossed the street. However, when he was crossing, the driver suddenly hit him. By the time the people noticed, it was already red light. The car should have stopped." He explained. He didn't wait for Hao Baiyun to react and he sharply inhaled. "But…" he said as he looked at Huo Ling's medical report. "Why would He Furong treat Huo Ling as a ghost?" he asked as he pinched his chin. "Well, technically, he might be a ghost right now… hahaha." He laughed when he saw Hao Baiyun's glare. "Seriously, this young man is unfortunate." He said. "Before, he was stabbed and almost died. Now, he was stabbed and he truly died - !" he exclaimed. "Ah." he muttered when he seemed to realize something. He stared at Hao Baiyun. He placed his arms on his table and he leaned towards him. "Could it be… He Furong thought Huo Ling died at that time, thus, when she saw Huo Ling's face in the interrogation room earlier, she panicked?" he asked. Their face is so close to each other, and the tip of their nose touching. Gu Xingfeng's breath touched Hao Baiyun's fair skin.

Hao Baiyun frowned and he pushed Gu Xingfeng's away from him. "Speak normally." He told him, he looked unaffected.

Gu Xingfeng laughed. "We can just show He Furong Huo Ling's picture, and she will confess." He said and placed Huo Ling's medical report on the table. "Young master Hao, as to your other question earlier, I have the answer." He said.

Hao Baiyun's brows knit as he tried to remember. "He Furong's motive for killing Huo Ling?" he asked.

Gu Xingfeng nodded and took out a picture. It was a young man, and he has a sunny appearance. "Guess?" he asked.

"… He Xiaozhu?" Hao Baiyun said.

"Yes." Gu Xingfeng answered. "Tell me, what can you see in both pictures?" he asked as he placed Huo Ling's picture beside He Xiaozhu's.

"… they are biological brothers?" Hao Baiyun said.

Gu Xingfeng stared at Hao Baiyun, speechless. "I ask of young master Hao to state whether he is joking or is serious?" he said as he turned upside down Huo Ling and He Xiaozhu's picture to face Hao Baiyun.

"… joking." Hao Baiyun answered.

Gu Xingfeng kindly smiled. "Well, young master Hao's 'joke' is the clue." He said. "He Xiaozhu's face looked similar to Huo Ling." He said. "By 7 points. If one would see them together, they would think that they are, indeed, brothers."

"There more than two people all over the world that would coincidentally look similar to each other." Hao Baiyun said.

"It's on young master Hao to investigate these coincidences." Gu Xingfeng said. "He Xiaozhu was the child born when He Tianyu cheated on He Furong." He said. "He Furong is a vengeful woman, but she is surprisingly patient. She waited for a long time to kill He Xiaozhu. However, she had mistaken Huo Ling as He Xiaozhu and killed Huo Ling. When she discovered her mistake, she was flustered and escaped. When she drove away, she was preoccupied of what had just happened and wasn't looking on the road, thus she hit Li Lingling's husband. She tried to escape. She was a smart woman so she left the car after removing all the evidences that could pin on her. However – " he said. " – her mistake is to pass her resignation letter the same day the both accidents happened, and not long after the second accident happened." He explained.

"Your thoughts are brilliant." Hao Baiyun praised. "However, do you have an evidence He Furong was the one who did all of these?" he asked. "These are just your guesses, and, as I said earlier – there are coincidences in this world." He said, his face serious. "Even if you'd trigger He Furong, but it is ineffective on the court since they would just treat is as you pressing the suspect and forcing her for confession." He told him.

"Wow… I didn't know young master Hao is so concerned of me!" Gu Xingfeng said.

Hao Baiyun clicked his tongue. "What about Li Lingling?" he asked.

"When I interrogated her earlier, her reaction told me she knows Huo Ling." Gu Xingfeng said.

"Are you sure it's not your instincts working?" Hao Baiyun asked.

"Even if it is, but my instincts had never gone wrong." Gu Xingfeng said.

"So? What do you think is her relation to Huo Ling?" Hao Baiyun asked. "It can't be she found out the cause of her husband's death? But, she would not blame Huo Ling." He said.

Hearing him speak, the corners of Gu Xingfeng's lips raised. "How can you say she won't blame Huo Ling?" he asked.

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Afterlife Department Chapter 26 - Related