Afterlife Department
Chapter 24 - Gesture

Chapter 24 - Gesture

"You bitch! How dare you kill my xiao Zhu!" He Tianyu's wife, Bai Wu, screamed as she tried to pull He Furong's hair when they arrived in the hospital where He Furong was sent. "You old hag! You're insane - !" she said and tried to kick He Furong when He Tianyu pulled her back.

But, He Furong ignored Bai Wu like she doesn't care whether she'll kill her. She just dazedly stared out of the window.

Huo Ling and Yi Bing were looking at the people inside the room, together with Gu Xingfeng and Hao Baiyun. When the two decided to visit He Furong, another unseen pair followed them after Yi Bing hailed a taxi and told the driver to follow Hao Baiyun's car. When the taxi reached the hospital, the driver was shocked to see the fare was the only thing left in the backseat. He hurriedly left the hospital, scared silly.

"If you can actually open doors, why do you still need me to pass through the walls?" Huo Ling asked as they watched the taxi left.

"I may be using a mortal body, but this isn't a real mortal body." Yi Bing said..

"Then, where's your mortal body?" Huo Ling asked.

"It has long turned to ashes." Yi Bing answered.

Huo Ling fell silent. He decided to change the topic. "Can you guess why He Furong knows me?" he asked.

"You should think about it." Yi Bing just said as they entered the hospital, following behind Gu Xingfeng and Hao Baiyun who were walking side by side, yet they aren't talking to each other.

Huo Ling didn't speak again after that. He looked at He Furong and tried to remember her in his memories. But, nothing came up. "I really can't remember her." He bit his lip.

Yi Bing didn't answer and watched He Tianyu, Bai Wu and He Furong inside. "There's a thick Foul surrounding He Tianyu's wife." He said as he looked at Bai Wu.

Huo Ling turned, yet he didn't see anything. Yi Bing saw his blank look and he tapped Huo Ling's head. Suddenly, Huo Ling can see the Foul. "Wha – the Foul is so thick around that young woman!" he exclaimed, referring to Bai Wu. "There's lesser Foul around He Furong." He added. "What does this mean?" he asked Yi Bing.

"Bai Wu has more evil in her than He Furong." Yi Bing answered.

"That woman has great acting skills. A shame she didn't become an actress." Hao Baiyun said, his gaze on Bai Wu.

Gu Xingfeng turned to him. "Why do you say so?" he asked. Even if Hao Baiyun didn't warn him, he thinks Bai Wu is overacting. She could fool him if she's lessen her screams and hide that viciousness in her eyes.

Hao Baiyun turned to Gu Xingfeng, shooting him a look of 'you're smart, don't make a fool of yourself'. Then, he turned his gaze back to the He trio inside. "Bai Wu has more resentment surrounding her compared to He Furong." He answered.

"This is really intriguing." Gu Xingfeng said, showing a look of confusion yet there was a smile on his lips. "One white lotus, while one is a green tea bitch. Right?" he said.

Hao Baiyun didn't answer him again. Gu Xingfeng tried digging for more clues, yet Hao Baiyun ignored him. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯπ“ͺ𝐝 cπš˜π’Ž

"One would usually ignore people of the Supernatural Department." Huo Ling said. "Yet, this policeman didn't." he said. "It's because they know each other. They act like they are enemies, yet look at them now – " he turned and smiled. " – don't they look like they're friends with each other?" he asked Yi Bing.

"One should not only look at the surface." Yi Bing just said as he glanced at Hao Baiyun and Gu Xingfeng.

"Your point is?" Huo Ling asked.

"Hao Baiyun and Gu Xingfeng might not be enemies, but they also aren't friends." Yi Bing said. "They just can tolerate each other." He told him.

Huo Ling reflected on Yi Bing's words and looked at Hao Baiyun and Gu Xingfeng again. Hao Baiyun's face is cold, while Gu Xingfeng, although smiling, but it looked sarcastic. So they're just tolerating each other for the sake of the case… he thought. "Shall we check Li Lingling?" he asked, remembered the widow and childless woman who seemed to know her.

Yi Bing nodded. "Yes." he answered. It isn't good to stay too long with an exorcist around.

Just as they left, He Furong's gaze happened to land on the spot where Huo Ling was earlier. He Tianyu and Bai Wu were frightened by the look in her eyes. Meanwhile, Gu Xingfeng and Hao Baiyun saw her change. They turned, only to see an empty space. "Is there something?" Gu Xingfeng asked Hao Baiyun.

In response, Hao Baiyun raised his hand to feel the air around. Suddenly, his pupils shrank and he looked at his fingers when he lowered his hand. One of his fingers was covered by frost, while his other finger was slightly burned. The frost then melted because of the hot atmosphere. Only the burn was left.

Gu Xingfeng saw Hao Baiyun's finger. "What happened with it?" he asked as he stared at the burn.

"It's nothing." Hao Baiyun answered as he hid his fingers. The hot and cold sensation still lingers on his skin. Gu Xingfeng stared at Hao Baiyun's dazed expression before he pulled him by his wrist. Hao Baiyun snapped out of his daze. "What are you doing?!" he asked, surprised, as he looked at Gu Xingfeng's hand pulling his wrist. He pulled back his wrist, but how can the homebody young master Hao be stronger than the gangster-looking chief inspector Gu? Thus, Hao Baiyun's struggle is futile.

Gu Xingfeng saw a nurse passing by and asked for an ointment for the burn. The nurse told them she'll be back. Gu Xingfeng pulled Hao Baiyun to a bench. "Behave." He told the stupefied young master Hao.

Hao Baiyun stared at Gu Xingfeng before he finally reacted. "It's just a small burn. There's no need to fret over it." He said and finally succeeded pulling his wrist.

Gu Xingfeng was irritated. He was being considerate yet young master Hao wasted it? He frowned and glared at him. "I don't know where you mysteriously got that burn that wasn't there just earlier. I won't ask about it. I only ask of you to treat it." He explained, then ignored young master Hao, feeling irritated.

Hao Baiyun looked at Gu Xingfeng, then looked at his small burn the size of a pea. He chose not to speak and waited for the nurse to come. For some reason, his cheeks felt hot. It must be because of the hot temperature.

After all, Gu Xingfeng's face is also red.

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Afterlife Department Chapter 24 - Gesture