Chapter 3: I Won’t Let Him Pass Away

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When Su Ye entered the living room, she saw Bo Yunli sitting in the seat of honor.

He wore a black suit whose brand Su Ye did not know, but its craftsmanship was exquisite. The metal buttons shone with a beautiful golden light, and his dust-free leather shoes had no creases.

He supported his forehead with his hand, which gave him a lazy air that belonged to corrupt nobles. His knuckles were prominent, and his index finger and middle finger pushed down gently on his glasses while he looked at Xu Huanying aloofly.

Xu Huanying gave off the dejected air of someone who had failed in currying favor. She was huddled in the guest seat like a real loser.

Before Su Ye could think of a pose that would make her look even cooler than Bo Yunli so that the Su family would not lose in terms of being imposing, Xu Huanying spoke in a tentative voice.

“Yunli, you said that Ye Ye did this, but do you have proof? If you don’t have proof, you shouldn’t run your mouth off. The Su family is a reputable public figure. If people hear about this, what will they think?” 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

Bo Yunli spoke half-heartedly but directly, “I kept the drugged tea. I can provide as much evidence as you want.”

Xu Huanying froze a little and turned her head to glare at Su Ye. ‘How could you leave blackmail material for others? You’re seriously trash.’

Su Ye gazed back at her to give a reply. ‘Pot calling the kettle black.’

She was a mother, but she gave her daughter such a horrible idea. If Su Ye had been around, she would not have allowed her nephew to marry such a short-sighted woman.

But she only thought about it and did not say anything. After all, she was currently her grandniece, and if she behaved too abnormally, people would begin suspecting her.

Lin Zhan was still somewhat polite to Xu Huanying, but his disdain could be seen on his face and heard in his words. “Aunt Xu, don’t bother. My cousin will never fancy her…”

He subconsciously cast a glance at Su Ye. ‘Look at her appearance. Is she even worthy of him?’ Before he could say those words, though, he was forced to swallow them.

It was only after Su Ye removed her makeup and appeared in front of them barefaced that he realized that she was actually breathtaking. Her eyebrows were shaped like mountains, and her eyes sparkled, which made her face charming and full of emotion, but she also looked heroic, as if she would march off to war in place of her father. Even her dull green hair looked ethereal.

If he did not know her character, he might actually be bewitched by her ethereal appearance.

Lin Zhan noticed that Bo Yunli was also staring at her. ‘Oh no, is he tempted after seeing her like this?’

Bo Yunli was indeed staring at Su Ye, but his focus was not on Su Ye’s face.

He had pretty severe OCD. Every time he went out, he would meticulously button up every button on his shirt and fix the direction of his shirt collar. He would even ask all the servants in the Bo family to iron the creases of his uniform to the point that they were completely symmetrical.

And Su Ye had one shoelace tied messily while the other was completely untied. The cuff of her sleeve was bloodied, but what was even worse was that her collar was slanted wildly. She had even buttoned up the first button under her collar wrong…

Bo Yunli’s knuckles made cracking sounds, and with great difficulty, he looked away. He squashed down his urge to stand up and help her button up all her buttons correctly, then forced himself to erase all the images that would kill those with OCD.

Lin Zhan drew close to his ear and whispered, “Cousin? Don’t forget to mention that you want to cancel the marriage…”

Bo Yunli’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “I will. I must.”

He could not tolerate living the rest of his life with a girl who did not care about having a tidy appearance. He would go mad with her.

Xu Huanying was terrified of the word “cancel”, but they still said it.

“Yunli, you just got engaged. If you cancel it right away, you won’t be able to offer a good explanation for Master Bo. Maybe you should reconsider?”

Lin Zhan found himself speechless. “Aunt Xu, if the master learned what Su Ye did, do you think he would stop us? My cousin is already fulfilling his duty as a grandson by not taking any actions against Su Ye.”

Xu Huanying’s eyes roved about. Bo Yunli had always been resolute, and if she acted forcefully, things would not end well. So, she could only go about it in a roundabout manner.

“Fine. It is indeed Ye Ye’s fault. If you insist on cancelling the marriage, go on ahead. I just hope that you won’t announce it to the public. I heard that Master Bo’s illness has gotten worse lately…”

She sighed. “It will be master’s 70th birthday next week. We should let him celebrate his birthday happily and let Ye Ye atone for her mistakes by doing something good. Don’t worry. Once the master passes away, we will automatically cancel the engagement, and Ye Ye won’t bother you again.”

Lin Zhan cast a glance at his cousin. When he saw that he had no objections toward this, he nodded.

Xu Huanying discreetly exhaled in relief. Yet her daughter was stupid, and Master Bo was ready to kick the bucket at any moment. She had thought of a way to stave off the cancelation, but it might still be in vain…

Su Ye had no thoughts about the marriage, but when she heard that her old friend was critically ill, she felt sad. When she saw that Xu Huanying looked frustrated, she thought that she was thinking the same thing, so, with great confidence, she said something that would win her favor in other people’s eyes.

“Let me handle Master Bo’s illness. I won’t let him pass away!”

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