Chapter 2: You Lack Discipline

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Bo Yunli’s calm expression became somewhat strange, which was a rare occurrence. Why did it sound like she was saying that he was impotent?

The day before, he had done his best to hold back because he did not want to fall for her trick, so why did it end up as blackmail material for her to criticize him?

She challenged his patience repeatedly. Truly, she caused trouble out of the blue and was hopeless!

“Su. Ye!” Bo Yunli hissed. His deep voice was full of fierceness.

The general impression he left on everyone in Imperial City was that he was the youngest and most outstanding owner of the Bo family, which was the strongest family in Imperial City. But in truth, he was far more “unfathomable”.

No one could understand the meaning behind his calm expression. Even when he was furious at Su Ye for drugging him, he still scoffed at the idea of talking to her the day before.

This was the first time that he acted so fiercely in front of someone.

Su Ye ignored his warning. She raised her hand up and patted his shoulder. “It’s not easy to have such focus at a young age.”

Bo Yunli hated having physical contact with others, but she was too quick, and he did not have time to avoid her.

His body stiffened, and he stared at the fingers on his shoulder. His eyelids twitched. Did she play with mud just now?

Lin Zhan watched the scene in front of him with his jaw slack.

After some time, he finally understood what was going on. The crazy woman had switched her tactics! Before, she put on an act of trying to curry favor with his cousin whenever she saw him and did everything to please him. However, perhaps because she saw that his cousin did not fall for this, she decided to use a deviant strategy. She was really asking for her death…

“Su Ye, what are you doing standing over there? Hurry up and bring the guests into the mansion!” a shrill voice demanded from a distance.

It belonged to Su Ye’s mother, Xu Huanying.

When she saw Su Ye’s face, she was stunned for a moment. “You look like a ghost! Hurry up and go wash your face!”

The moment she said that, she looked at Bo Yunli obsequiously and rubbed her palms together awkwardly. “Yunli, you’re here. It’s hot outside, so come inside, please.”

She knew that Bo Yunli had come to denounce Su Ye. When she had seen Su Ye return with tears all over her face the night before, she had known what had happened.

Quite a number of women in the business circle had used this method in the past, so why did it fail when it came to Su Ye?

Xu Huanying could only think of one reason—the girl was too dumb! She did not inherit her genes at all…

While going to the bathroom, Su Ye pondered over Xu Huanying’s words. Why did she say she looked like a ghost? Since her grandniece looked similar to her, she had to look pretty good.

In the past, she was the most beautiful woman in Imperial City, especially when she gave a cool, sweet, and devilishly charming smile. It had charmed plenty of boys and girls back in the day.

While she was thinking about this, she arrived in front of the mirror in the bathroom. When she saw her face in it, she finally understood why Xu Huanying had said that.

Her grandniece was a rebel. She had dyed her hair a dull green and put on really exaggerated smokey makeup. Her lips were a berry purple, and since she had been crying, her black eyeshadow had melted and slid down the tear tracks. Once they dried up, they turned into two black lines. But the most important factor behind why she looked like a ghost was the blood around her nose.

She truly looked like a ghost. She could not deny it. But it would be even more accurate to say that she was even more terrifying than a ghost.

Su Ye hurriedly washed her face and removed the leaves from her hair.

“Ms. Ye, the madam is asking you to hurry up!” Nanny Zhang said with impatience from outside.

Su Ye did not know how her grandniece had been living her life. She was the eldest daughter, but everyone, regardless of whether they were from the family or not and what status they shared, were not friendly toward her.

When Su Ye opened the door, she saw Nanny Zhang looking at her askance with a gaze full of scorn. Nanny Zhang even nearly rolled her eyes to the back of her head, as if Su Ye was the servant and was dirtying her house.

She lacked discipline.

Su Ye calmly cast her a glance. “This is the thirteenth household rule of the Su family: there is an order of status in the family, and a difference between masters and servants. Those who know that they should not offend masters but do so anyway will have their annual wages reduced by half.”

After saying that, she headed to the living room.

Nanny Zhang looked at her back with mockery on her face. Did she lose a few screws when she fell? She had been in the Su family for more than twenty years and had never heard of any rules for servants, and the girl even wanted to cut her annual wage by half? Did she think that she owned the family?

Nanny Zhang was really angry as she followed Su Ye. “Miss Ye, I don’t mean anything else, but you should consider things on behalf of the master and the madam and stop making them worry. If it weren’t for them, would you be able to live in such a huge mansion and have such a good life?”

Nanny Zhang, though, did not say what she was actually thinking. ‘If it weren’t for them, you’d be nothing! Stop putting on airs!’

Su Ye looked around. The current Su mansion had four floors. It had an elevator inside, and the decorations were somewhat decent, but even with the four floors added together, the mansion was only around six hundred square meters.

She shook her head. “The Su family is no longer as great as before…”

Nanny Zhang was shocked. They had a beautiful mansion, and with the current housing prices in Imperial City, it could sell for around sixty million RMB. Even so, she said that the family was no longer as great as before?

She had to be crazy!

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