Chapter 31: Exchanging Money for Shares

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The doctor pretended to be busy by flipping through documents. He did not even look up at Wu Mei as he tried to chase her away.

Wu Mei’s brows knitted together and she stared at him with a sneer on her face.

Li Nanchen sensed something was amiss and said coldly, “I’m the President of the Li Family Corporation, Li Nanchen. I have some ties with your hospital director. Can you make an exception for me and let us take a look at the medical records?”

These few sentences seemed polite, but in actuality, it was using power to oppress him.

The doctor stopped what he was doing. He adjusted his glasses and looked at Li Nanchen. With a smile, he said, “Even if you get the director here, without approval and instructions, we don’t have the authority to show the medical records to anyone. Please leave!”

“Heh.” Wu Mei chuckled and shook her head.

He knew how to take advantage of loopholes and use the official rules and regulations, making it seem like he was fair and justified.

Li Nanchen’s brows furrowed and wanted to continue to speak. However, Wu Mei tugged on his shirt and shook her head.

“Let’s go.”

Outside the hospital, Wu Mei looked back at the building and stared at it intently.

Li Nanchen thought that she was indignant and said in a low voice, “I’ll get someone to find a way to get it for you…”

“No need, I can handle it.” Wu Mei smiled confidently and relaxedly got into the car.

In the villa, Wu Mei went straight to her bedroom after dinner.

She turned on the computer and closed her eyes as she tried to recall the domain name of the intranet that she had seen the doctor use back in the office. She typed a few lines of code and instantly, she successfully hacked into the hospital’s network system. She searched for the department that the doctor was in and easily found all the information and medical records during the period of Mother Wu’s hospitalization.

After she downloaded them, she exposed the doctor’s abnormal bank account transactions and taught him a lesson!

Wu Mei sat cross-legged in the computer chair and stared at the screen. She pondered for a while before typing on the keyboard again. She found the Civil Affairs Bureau’s system library and searched for information on the divorce between Mother Wu and Wu Pang, as well as Wu Yi’s birth certificate. She organised and summarized everything…

Under the dim light of the screen, Wu Mei’s lips curled up into a smile and she wrote a long essay.

She pressed the “send” button and paid for the server push. She was extremely satisfied when she saw the heated discussion on the largest social media platform in the country.

“Wu Pang, the President of the Wu Corporation, started his career by living off a woman. However, he cheated on his wife and had a second daughter while he was still married!” 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

“So his wife wasn’t born with a mental illness. We all misunderstood her when we saw the medical records… The grudges of rich families can’t be explained. Do you think the lawful wife developed a mental illness because of Wu Pang and his mistress?”

“How vicious! Wu Pang proposed a divorce while his wife was undergoing treatment, and he married the third party!”

“For the sake of his illegitimate daughter, he even chased his own daughter out of the house. The first wife and daughter are simply too pitiful!”

This exposé listed almost all of Wu Pang’s crimes, leaving him unable to defend himself.

Within a short period of time, the Economic Weekly had been reposted one after another. The stock price of the Wu Corporation suddenly plummeted, reaching the price limit once every day!

The netizens’ comments were pretty much one-sided. Those who had been cursing Wu Mei initially all turned their attention to look up Yang Shan and Wu Pang.

“I heard that the company and all their current assets are the dowry of the first wife! Even the villa they live in! How shameless!”

The netizens’ comments put a lot of pressure on Wu Pang and the Wu Corporation. Their reputation was just about irreparable.

Li Nanchen looked at the article and raised his head to look at the bedroom on the second floor. He recalled what Wu Mei had said.

Is this her solution?

He suddenly smiled.?She is indeed his wife.


The doorbell rang.

Wu Pang could not bear it any longer and came to the villa to find Wu Mei.

“Where’s the money? You promised your mother that you would help the Wu Corporation survive this crisis. You can’t let it go bankrupt or close down! Quickly give me the money!”

“If you don’t give it now, it will be too late…”

Wu Pang’s eyes were bloodshot. He looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown and was going to tear Wu Mei’s clothes apart and rob her of her money.

“Of course I will give the money. I will also fulfill my promise. I will definitely not let the Wu Corporation go bankrupt.”

Leaning against the door, Wu Mei looked at Wu Pang with a smile. She saw a glimmer of hope flash across his eyes. She opened her thin lips and added, “However, I’m not going to give you my money for nothing. I want to use the money to exchange for the Wu Corporation’s shares. How much money I’ll offer depends on President Wu’s sincerity and how many shares you want to give me in exchange.”

Wu Pang hadn’t expected her to use such a reason. “How much are you offering for each share?”

Even till now, he is still in the mood to bargain?

Wu Mei burst into laughter.. “Are you kidding? Of course shares have to be bought at market price.”

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