Chapter 29: She’s the Mistress of the House

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Wu Mei bent down and picked up the two scalpels on the tray. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Going straight up to Lin Liguo, she held the sharp blade between her thumb and index finger and pressed it against his artery, causing the people around them to scream in fear.

Lin Liguo’s legs were trembling and he did not dare to move. He stammered, L-let’s talk this over!”

“Who put the poison in?”

Wu Mei narrowed her eyes and slit Lin Liguo’s neck threateningly, scaring him so much that he shut his eyes tightly.

“Don’t lie to me. Otherwise, when someone with a mental illness goes crazy, they are uncontrollable.”

Wu Mei chuckled lightly and placed her knee against his abdomen. She picked up the other scalpel and ferociously stabbed it into Lin Liguo’s waist. He screamed in pain.

“It’s not me! The Old Master has a few caregivers who take care of him day and night! It must be them!”

Lin Liguo weakly spat out a few names. Wu Mei turned back and exchanged glances with Li Nanchen. She said, “Bring the caregivers here.”

A few minutes later, Old Master Li’s caregiver was brought to the ward.

“It’s her. She’s the one who usually takes care of Old Master Li. She must be the one who poisoned Old Master Li!” Lin Liguo shouted while pointing at the caregiver.

The caregiver was so frightened that her face turned pale. Wu Mei turned around and glared fiercely at Lin Liguo, scaring him into keeping mum. She tried her best to ask gently, “Was it you?”

“…” The caregiver raised her head and furtively glanced at Lin Liguo. She seemed to hesitate, but quickly nodded solemnly and said, “It was me.”

This unexpected situation made Li Nanchen and Wu Mei somewhat puzzled.

“How is that possible? If you have any concerns, you can tell me. I promised that no one will dare to hurt you!”

Wu Mei moved closer to her and gently placed a hand on the caregiver’s shoulder. She could feel that the caregiver was trembling, an obvious sign of fear.

“There isn’t. I was the one who poisoned Old Master Li and caused him to end up like this!”

“I did it secretly during the shift change. No one knew…”

The caregiver insisted on admitting to the crime, but neither Li Nanchen nor Wu Mei believed her.

“What kind of poison was it? Where did you buy it from? How did you do it? What was the purpose and reason behind it?” Wu Mei interrogated her.

When she saw that the caregiver couldn’t answer any of her questions, her voice turned cold as she said, “Was it really you?”

“It was me! I… won’t tell you the specific details.” The caregiver’s attitude made Lin Liguo heave a sigh of relief as he clutched his abdomen.

“Are you sure? If you plead guilty, you will be ruining your life. Is it worth it?” Wu Mei looked at the caregiver with sympathy and asked in a low voice, trying to get her to spill the truth.

However, the caregiver remained silent and refused to say anything else. In the end, Wu Mei lost her patience and started spinning the scalpel in her hand again.

Li Nanchen held her back and said in a low voice, “Don’t hurt anyone else. This is a lawful society. Let the police investigate.”

With that, he called the police. Very soon, the police brought the caregiver away. The ward became quiet again.

Wu Mei tidied up the messy tables and chairs in the ward. Then, she randomly picked a seat to sit on. Staring at Lin Liguo coldly, she said, “Although I don’t know what terms you promised her to make her take the blame for you… You should still be fired for not taking good care of Grandpa.”

Lin Liguo retorted, “Who are you to fire me?”

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, the uncle from the collateral branch of the Li Family spoke up for Lin Liguo, “That’s right! Dr Lin’s medical skills are one of the best in the country. I can’t find anyone else who is as diligent, responsible, and whom we know inside out. What do you know to just casually say that you want to dismiss him!”

They pointed at Li Nanchen and said, “Nanchen, since when was it up to a woman to call the shots for the Li Family?”

“And a crazy woman at that!”

“If this gets out, the Li Family will be utterly humiliated because of you!”

Those people’s faces were ugly. When they met Li Nanchen’s chilly gaze, they instantly cowered.

“She’s my wife, the mistress of the Li Corporation.”

“Why can’t she call the shots? She’s more qualified than any of you,” Li Nanchen said adamantly as he stood beside Wu Mei and backed her up.

Wu Mei smiled at him and took out two pieces of paper and a pen from the bedside table. She quickly wrote down a few lines and threw them in front of them.

“Since you want to protect Lin Liguo, that’s fine too.”

“As long as you sign this affidavit of guarantee and stamp your thumbprint on it, I will agree to let him continue treating Grandpa.”

“But if there’s any problem with Grandpa and his health deteriorates or if there are complications, all of you will have to bear the full responsibility together with Lin Liguo! None of you will be able to escape. Since you trust him so much, it should be easy for you to sign the papers, right?”

Wu Mei stuffed the pen into the hands of the uncles. She raised her eyebrows to indicate for them to sign.

“Since you dare to speak up for him, you must vouch for him and share the risk together.. Hurry up and sign it,” Wu Mei urged.

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