A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 88 - CH. 88: Shizuka’s Courage

"Coming in a minute."

Shizuka sensed an urgency in Asahi's voice and tilted her head. What could be happening inside the room? She became curious and pushed the door.??

Her eyes immediately widened before heat rushed to her face.

Asahi held Leme's hand whose body was arched backward. Her shorts half dangling showed her wet crotch.

These two were making out…

"I-I am sorry," Shizuka apologized and slammed the door shut.

"Nee-san, wait."

She couldn't help but pout. She had been waiting for ages but the girls who came after her got in bed with Asahi. With the way they were entangled, it wouldn't take a genius to guess they were going to have sex.


She headed off to the dining room where her former students regrouped.

I will sneak into his bed tonight.

She thought and took a seat.

"Nee-san, is something wrong?" Saya asked.


"But you are grinning."

She glanced at the students looking her way. She couldn't notice it before, but perhaps because of the level ups, her perception increased. She could sense the desire swirling in their eyes, which made her mood sourer.

Aa-kun, come protect nee-san…

Yuriko entered the room and all the students' gaze moved to her. Yuriko sat beside Shizuka and flashed a cold smile. "Can you all stop ogling someone else's woman?"

Komuro dropped the chopsticks. "Eh? Marikawa-sensei found a partner?"

The others' reactions varied from surprise, shock, disbelief to offputting hatred and anger. Shizuka narrowed her eyes at their immature reactions.

This world is darker than my imaginations...

Yuriko nodded and turned to Shizuka with a smirk. "A very special partner."

Shizuka nodded. She was prepared for people's insults but any scorn to Asahi dealt double damage to her. Her brother wouldn't have confessed if she didn't start harboring feelings for him, or so she thought.

This made her hesitate to tell about their relationship to anyone outside her?family.

"Shizuka, tell Asahi that my friend will be coming tomorrow or the day after."

Her Aa-kun senses tingled at the mention of this friend of Yuriko.

Another woman…

"I will tell him later."

"Why are you not eating?"

"I am not hungry."

Her mind ran in overdrive to scheme. Asahi will come to apologize later, which she will accept in exchange for some?compensation.

She stood and walked toward her room.

Aa-kun is in for a treat.


Shizuka ran away, most probably sulking somewhere.

Leme fixed her shorts and hung her head. "Leme is sorry for making nee-san angry."

I patted her head to cheer her. "I am equally responsible."



(Got it.)

An eroge popped in my hand. The expressionless black-haired protagonist reminded me of Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. It reminded me of Maya Yotsuba, the tragic woman.

That world isn't bad for a vacation. Should I go there next?


"Ah, go and play this. I will join you later."

Her eyes brightened immediately. "Promise me?"

"I promise."

"Don't lie this time. Bye!"

'Klyscha, what was that? Why did I get so aroused?'

(Your souls are bound to each with the contract skill. When you touch each other, the pleasure becomes spiritual instead of physical. It's the effect of skill from Eromancer even though the class is sealed.)

'Is it something that makes us true to our desires?'



Shizuka was absent from the dining room. Saya said Shizuka was grinning like a fool before she ran away to her room.

What was going through her mind?

I took her share of lunch to her room to find her leaning against the headboard with closed eyes.

She fell asleep…

I licked my lips. Should I attack her?

I called Shiori, who popped up a minute later and took the dish back to the kitchen, not before giving a kiss and a dirty look.

Taking a seat, I started reading the Hymn of Spirits Grimoire.

Sometime later, my eyes started to grow heavy. I stored the book and laid my head on Shizuka's thighs for a nap.

Klyscha greeted me wearing a dark kimono with a colorful flower pattern.

She turned around and smiled. "Welcome home, dear."


Anyone could guess what happened next.


Shizuka woke up to find Asahi sleeping with his head on her thighs. His peaceful expression and the smile tugging at his mouth made her giggle. She ran her fingers through his soft dark hair and pulled his cheeks.

He is so adorable when he sleeps.

However, he was a monster when he slept with others. A calm girl like Saeko had blushed when Shizuka brought up the topic of their first night. Shiori just replied with "Wait for your turn".

She pulled up his shirt and felt his bare muscles.

When did he change so much?

It felt like yesterday they went to the same school, sharing lunch, and some normal sibling time in the infirmary.

So much changed, some for the better, the rest for the kinda worse.

One thing elated her heart—she could be with Asahi like a normal girl even though she was his blood-related sister.

What is that?

She noticed the bulge in his pants and averted her gaze.

It can't be…

She sneaked a glance and it was still there.

Her brother was hard in his dreams. Boys of his age tend to have those kinds of dreams.

Her curiosity surged and she couldn't stop her hand creeping inside his shorts.


Even that word couldn't describe?its?length. Her dainty fingers slowly caressed the shaft, and as if responding to her touch, it grew.

She dragged down his shorts, freeing the?monster?from its cage. Her eyes grew wide. It was bigger than the last time Rika was stroking it.

Her dainty fingers slid up and down his shaft, stimulating the veins to twitch and pulsate.

Shizuka's face flushed and her breathing became restless.

I can't take it anymore!

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 88 - CH. 88: Shizuka’s Courage