A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 85 - CH. 85: Takashi’s Story

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A group of students walked under the leadership of Komuro Takashi, who carried a silver bat on his back. Honestly, their weary faces and black circles under their eyes showed their suffering.

Their numbers could be counted on one hand. 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

Did the rest die?

Rika merely glanced at their guns before she took the dark sunglasses hanging from her bikini and wore them. She shifted the chair backward and with her hands behind her head, she bathed in the sun with an 'I don't give a fuck about them' attitude.

I broke into a grin. She was truly acting like a retired soldier.

I put on my glasses and examined Takashi and co.

Komuro Takashi Lv. 8

—Designated Title: Former Protagonist

—Race: Human

—Class: Brawler


—Strength: 17

—Dexterity: 19

—Constitution: 24

—Defense: 23

—Charm: 12

—Magic: 18


[—Metal Reinforcement (E-Rank): The user can strengthen a metal with mana. Increase the durability and density of the metal.]

Metal element?

(Metal is one of the strongest elements in mortal worlds.)

Rei Miyamoto Lv. 9

—Designated Title: Supporter

—Race: Human

—Class: Spearman


—Strength: 15

—Dexterity: 20

—Constitution: 22

—Defense: 20

—Charm: 31

—Magic: 24


—Physical Enhancement (D-Rank): The user can temporarily enhance their physical body with the help of mana. At this rank, 1 MP can be used to gain 1 STR point and 1 AGI point.]

Definitely a supporter. This skill is broken if there are no limits.

(The maximum limit depends on how much mana you can absorb in your body without exploding.)

That's annoying.

(My love doesn't need it. You will soon gain a superior skill on your own.)

'Which one?'

(That's a secret, fufu.)


(Visit me more, and I might tell you~.)

'You just want my body, you horny goddess?'


Komuro's group passed the guard's check for any bites and entered. He noticed me and approached.

"Long time… no see," Komuro greeted me, scratching his face.

With a loli on my lap and tanned beauty smoking in my arms, I might be looking like those 2nd class villains in the anime…

Still, nothing could beat the envious gazes coming from the other boys.

"Sacred candy," I whispered and a candy in a red wrapper materialized in my hand. I unwrapped it and brought it near Rini's face.


Rini stuffed it in her mouth.

[Rini Hitsugi: Affection +24]

Wow… It was too effective.

I picked up Rini and placed her on my chair then shook hands with Komuro.


The duo of Kazu Ishii and Kohta crawled out of the group. They had no wounds anywhere. As expected of the former protagonist and his group, they even survived in the upgraded world with their plot armor.

After exchanging some words with the excited duo, I crossed my arms on my chest.

"Yeah, it's been a while and you don't look so good. What happened after we separated?"

Komuro showed a bitter smile and retold his story.

After we parted ways, their group inhabited Rika's house for four days and then it started—the high stress started to turn many students crazy.

Cracks started forming between the group and before long they split up into two sides—Komuro and Miku Yuuki. Half of the students joined Yuuki while the rest stayed because of Kohta's badass knowledge of firearms.

The two groups stuck together until two days ago, Yuuki's group disappeared after a horde attacked the house.

They managed to survive with Komuro's magic but lost five students.

For two days, they had been staying at a nearby supermarket. Though yesterday, the horde scared the shit out of them.

Only when Saya called them did they let their guard down.

The disappearance of Yuuki's group irked me. Could they be behind the explosions? But that raised questions about how they obtained the explosives. It couldn't be Natsumi since Rika called the S.A.T yesterday to confirm her whereabouts. The Endgame Antagonist has been under 24x7 hours surveillance.

I hope she escapes soon and becomes stronger—she is my precious XP farm.

"Why did you not call me or Saya? I could have helped."

"I thought you were also stuck somewhere," Komuro replied, glancing at Rika and Rini.

"This woman is Rika Minami, the owner of the shotgun in your hands."

Komuro flinched, gripping the shotgun in his hands. The rest of the students blatantly hid the guns behind their backs.

"Man, what are you scared of? Do you think she cares about it?"

He shook his head. "Thanks for letting us stay in your apartment."

Rika simply nodded at his gratitude and crossed her legs. The boys gulped. Of course, they would when this woman only wore a tiny bikini, revealing her well-shaped tanned legs!

"You all must be hungry, no?"

"Yeah, we are," Rei replied and hugged Komuro's arm. "Who is this cute maid?"

"Rini," Rini stoically introduced herself.

Komuro held Rei back from approaching Rini.

"Onii-san, Aiko-chan is calling me," Rini said and dashed inside the mansion, horrifying everyone with her speed.

"She is fast…"

"A lot faster than me," Rei whispered.


Chika stopped talking to the survivor and approached. "Yes, young master."

"Guide them to Saya."

She will entertain them with her cooking experimentation. Perhaps she will improve.

"Got it." Chika turned to the dumbfounded students. "Please follow me."

I explained the situation to Saya with telepathy. The only one I could contact without using any artifact.

(Leme-chan can also use telepathy with you.)

'She won't use it though.'

Diva with an ero addiction. How good will she be in bed?

Then there is Asmodeus, Diva of Lust. As much as I hate to admit it, she will probably defeat me in sex. I will need Eromancer to have a sliver of hope to defeat her. She won't desire a serious relationship but some hot sex was always welcome.

Summoning Baal comes first. Shiori will be training now.

I want to give them a telepathy skill but it will be rendered useless after I summon their respective Diva.

A dot appeared in the sky. I focused and the image became a lot clearer.

This is an aircraft…

Where are they going in this apocalypse?

I opened the news section on my phone.

Einherjar boards a flight to Japan.

After helping the United States in creating the largest shelter, Valhalla. Chief Valkyrie, formerly known as Silver Lady, and her squad titled Einherjar are now ready to grace Japan with their presence.

Einherjar? Valkyrie?

This woman has serious chuunibyou syndrome, doesn't she?

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 85 - CH. 85: Takashi’s Story