A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 77 - CH. 77: Aiko’s Ability

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I finished my training with Saeko and got another lap pillow from her.

Healing from her thighs is the only way to go!

"Asahi-kun, do you have something else to do?" Saeko asked and put off the novel she read. This girl liked novels with horror elements.

She went off for a quick shower; I headed for Nao's room, the temporary one we decided on.

The busty teacher wanted to talk about something. Well, let's hope she won't start a rant about being the single woman among the harem.

I knocked on her door and waited, only to hear weird sounds coming from the inside.

Did she fall?

The door creaked open, revealing Nao in a disheveled state. I glanced past her to find dozens of books scattered on the floor.

"Are you okay?"

She fixed her glasses and waved her hand. "I am fine… I think?"

Don't answer my question with another question.

"Let's fix this first." I sighed and walked past her.

Arranging the books back on the shelf took some time. Nao's hand brushed me as she tried to put the book on a higher layer of the shelf.

[Nao Sakurada: Affection +2]

"Give me."

I grabbed the book and put it in her stead.

Her cheeks turned red from the brief physical contact. "Thanks, Asahi-kun,"

[Nao Sakurada: Affection +1]

Jeez, this woman was handing out free affection points.

"Don't mention it. Back to the topic, did we have something important to talk about?"

"Yes, please take a seat."

We sat on the bed side by side.

She took a deep breath as if mustering up the courage to confess something. Her affection points were 77 now. She is like a close friend who might or might not end up with the main protagonist.

Well, I will confess once she reaches 99. Till then I will just tease her a little.

With closed eyes, Nao patted her chest.

C'mon, don't do that when you are wearing a tight shirt. Rather, two dots were visible on her chest. Where is your bra? Or did the store run out of J-cup ones?

Your lewdness is stirring my gentleman heart, you know!

That's enough monologue for now. I coughed and formed a serious expression.


She nodded and opened her mouth. "I think Aiko awakened an ability to feel people's aura."

Aura? Wait, I did think about it before. Then I forgot about it.

'Klyscha, show me Aiko's stats."

(Done, my love.)

Aiko Sakurada: [Reveal the backstory.]

—Favorability points: 59 [Her Idol]

—Age: 7

—Lvl. 2

—Race: Human

—Class: Little Soul Witch

Attributes: 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Strength: 6

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 11

Defense: 9

Charm: 13

Magic: 20


[—Aura Vision (F-Rank): The user can see the aura of others.]

[—Soul Empathy (F-Rank): The user can feel the emotions of people they care about.]

A little witch… a loli witch!

She can see the aura of others and even empathize with them. No wonder she sensed my feelings back when I celebrated the arrival of the incest Era.

"Goddess just told me about her skill. It is true that she can see the aura around people. She can also feel the emotions of people close to her."

Nao nodded absentmindedly. "Empathize… that's why she was hiding from Asahi-kun."

"Hiding from me?"

Hold on, did she also feel my love and lust for the girls? This must be the reason she was avoiding playing with me.

A skill like this could traumatize Aiko if she ended up using it with Rini, whose emotions are too violent.

"We need to teach her how to use this."

Nao turned her body to face me and placed her hands on mine; a relieved smile on her face. "Thanks, Asahi-kun… Aiko might have developed a trauma with men if she stayed with me and I wouldn't have gotten over it without your help..."

[Nao Sakurada: Affection +6]

I squeezed her hands with a cheeky smile. "C'mon, you might have gotten over it without me anyway."

I barely did anything to help her. She got over it herself. Airheads can easily get over the trauma.

She rested her arms on the bed and leaned forward. "It's not possible."

"It is."

She leaned in even more, exhibiting her cleavage. "It's not."

"It is."

She closed the distance even more and her lips almost touched mine, her lovely fragrance tickling my heart.

"It's not," I denied again.

She tilted her head a bit and pressed her lips against mine. This kiss came out of nowhere. She didn't go far and took back her lips.

[Nao Sakurada: Affection +6]

"Who told you to be so cute? I couldn't stop myself… I'm sorry," she said with a blush, rubbing the back of her hand on her lips. "But I still want to say—it is."

"Okay, fine. I accept your gratitude. Please don't try 'I have to pay with my body' bullshit."

I felt uncomfortable doing it with airhead girls, which seemed like me manipulating to have my way with them. Klyscha was an exception since she could literally read my mind.

"I will never—"

*Knock!* *Knock!*


Aiko interrupted our fluffy moment.

Nao glanced at the door and pecked my lips once more.

"I like you more now," She said and walked toward the door, her hips swaying provocatively.

While I was befuddled by the kiss, the airheaded onee-san got one up on me.

[Nao Sakurada: Affection +4]

'Nao Sakurada' relationship changed to 'Caring boyfriend?'

Caring boyfriend? What just happened?

When did she learn to seduce me like this?

Maybe Aimi taught her.

Ah, whatever. I was going to accept her in my harem anyway.

Aiko entered the room and smiled at me. "Onii-sa—"

She froze for a moment before retreating, hiding behind Nao. She peeked her head out and hid again.

This raised my curiosity. Just what did she feel to become like this?

I rose from the couch. "We will talk later."

Nao gave a wry smile. "Please forgive Aiko."

"Nah, it's fine. I will try again when I am free." I pinched Nao's cheeks, causing her to smile bashfully. "We will head out to Yuriko's base after lunch, so be prepared."

One last stock up for Yuriko's base and then we will fly to Alabama!

Nao nodded as I pulled back my hand. Her eyes carried a bit of reluctance.

Instead of answering, she took out her phone and typed something.

"Rest assured, Asahi-kun. I just set a reminder!" She showed her phone with a proud smile.

Airhead… I guess?


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 77 - CH. 77: Aiko’s Ability