A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 75 - CH. 75: Another Summoning

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I woke up to find myself buried by the girls. Might this be heaven?

Jokes aside, did I bed someone in my drunk state?

Sitting on the ground, I checked my penis which had no signs of fluid on it.


I didn't attack Shizuka or Rika in my sleep.

That's a relief.

I wouldn't want their first time with me like that, especially Shizuka since she is a virgin. As for Rika, well, who cared about virginity.

I liked her all the same.

Nao wasn't here. My memories after Rika brought in some strong liquor were hazy.

But I recall Nao kissing me. Another woman whose character went 180 when drunk.

How did I even resist the urge to push her down?

She wasn't in the room. Probably embarrassed to recall the details of last night.

Gotta wake up these sleepyheads. It took a few minutes of nudging to wake them up.

Saya almost fell asleep again in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.

"Aa-kun?" Shizuka, now back to her airhead mode, yawned and stretched. My eyes went to her bountiful bosom bouncing in its full glory. "Good morning…"


She looked down with droopy eyes. "Why am I naked? Aa-kun did naughty things to nee-san?"

I wanted to, you know!

Shaking my head, I got up and stretched. Shizuka stared at my cock, her cheeks going redder by each second. I also got turned on a little by the naked girls around me.

Men were prone to erections in the morning.

With dreamy eyes, Shizuka poked at my glans. "It's hard?"

Was she expecting something else? Wait, this was her first time seeing me aroused.

"What a solid meatstick." Rika grabbed my cock with a smirk and groped my balls with her other hand. "Man, they are loaded. No wonder these women are all over you."

Hold up, they are together with me because of mutual feelings, not just my sexual prowess!

"Hah, says the sour loser," Shiori sneered. "You didn't even last an hour."

"Shiori, stop insulting Rika-san," Saeko tried stopping Shiori. "She is older than us."

"Oi, don't betray me now. We are in this together."

Rika's lips twitched, but she didn't retort to the twins. She challenged them and lost face and square.

"I accept my loss."

Everyone in the room went blank-faced at Rika, who apologized sincerely while stroking my cock.

Rika pressed a finger on her lips, imitating Shizuka. "Oh my, it seems my apology lacks something."

I removed her hand from my cock. "Everything, I guess."

"Aa-chan doesn't like my technique?"

"No, no. I love it, but I have too many things to do."

I might start an orgy if you provoke me here, which I want to avoid first thing in the morning.

Summoning the Diva for Aimi took priority.

I smirked and picked up Saya feigning sleep. "Time for a shower, princess."

"You just can't live without me, can you?"

"That might be true."

A quickie with Saya keeps my libido calm for a while.


I found Nao doing push-ups under the instructions of Aimi. Giving a smile to Aimi, I closed the door. The beautiful yandere tried to get along with other girls, something I admired.

Saeko had fried eggs with some ramen and soup. Wussing over food wasn't my hobby, so I stuffed my stomach full.

Rini quietly ate her food in small bites, looking as adorable as ever. I wiped the sauce on her lips with a cloth.

"Rini, what are your abilities?"

Rini put down the fork and assumed a serious expression. "I can use my fists to pulverize."

An honest to god answer, nothing unexpected from a thirteen-year-old. But this way she will not be able to utilize the full potential of her Mystical Growth skill.

"You can be much, much stronger than that," I said and patted her head. "I will teach you later."

Having an omnipotent Goddess with me was a true blessing!


Rini looked at her hands. "Onii-san's enemies… I will kill them."

Hoo, the little maid wanted to take the yandere route.

Onii-san is moved.

"I can't and won't stop you if you want to do that, but always remember to prioritize your safety," I said and ruffled her hair. "That's the only thing I want. Understood?"

She nodded firmly. "Unn."

"I will cut down anyone trying to harm Rini-chan," Saeko declared calmly.

"If and only if they survived your sword, my trusty sniper will blow up their faces ," Rika said and nodded to herself. "Or I will throw a stone at the speed of sound."

Not impossible if she used every bit of her willpower to boost the stone.

I also had to do some training after the summoning ritual.

The grinding will have to wait until the undead become stronger. They gave pitiful XP.

Two levels for nearly nine thousand undead. It was mostly due to the distribution between six people.

However, I refused to turn it off. My stats were already stronger than the girls and I don't want to leave them too far behind.

Saeko and Shiori devoted most of their free time in polishing their swordsmanship.

Saya tried her best to create some spells and learn Phenex's inherent ones.

Nao refined her control over the wind element and now aims to learn some martial arts.

Shizuka, well, I will spoil her if she wants but she for one will heal everyone with her smile and Holy Element.

Rika was already a top-tier sniper with telekinesis to aid in close-quarters.

Aimi outmatched everyone in tracking and hunting.

Yuriko was an outstanding leader, never backing down even in the face of a zombie horde to cover for Saya—an event I remember from the anime.

I connected all of these outstanding girls together.

If there is a small gap between us, the girls will be motivated to chase after me. However, even they will lose motivation if the rift looks insurmountable.


I entered the room where Nao trained.

Nao, drenched from top to bottom, scattered droplets of sweat on the ground with each push up performed with shaky arms. The deep ravine of her breasts couldn't be any more seductive.

I licked my lips at the erotic sight.

Nao met my gaze and her cheeks flushed red. Even so, she continued pushing her body, seemingly hellbent on increasing her strength.

"That's enough for now. Go eat breakfast."

Nao sprawled on the ground, breathing erratically. "Did Aiko wake up yet?"

I shook my head. Aiko wasn't there when I ate, so she was probably sleeping.

"Aimi, we are summoning your Diva today."

Aimi smiled brightly, probably delighted to increase her strength.

"Asahi-kun?" Nao called as she turned over, pressing her boobs on the ground. "Can we talk later?"

"Sure, come to me after I am free with Aimi's Diva."

Everyone in the group knew of Diva's existence.

Leaving Nao to rest a little, we took another room and drew the summoning circle. After that, I completed the familiar process of pouring mana into it.

A black glow filled the room and with that a figure materialized.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 75 - CH. 75: Another Summoning