A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 7 - CH. 7: A Yandere Waifu

Tokonosu City, one of the larger cities in Japan.

Sun scattered heated rays on the streets packed with people. A gentle wind flew by, scattering the beautiful sakura petals around.?? 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

Today was just another day in late April.

On this street, a certain apartment was located. Its bedroom was simple Japanese-styled but the pictures of anime girls on the walls were anything but that. Here you could see a young man could be seen lying on a bed.

Even the bright sunlight streaming through the window wasn't enough to wake him up or not…

His fingers twitched as he opened his eyes.

"Ah, an unfamiliar ceiling."

This was one of the lines I, Asahi, wanted to try. Well, the white ceiling wasn't really unfamiliar. I covered my mouth and yawned. Sweeping away the blanket, I walked to the window.

"It's really refreshing!"

The scenery outside was truly refreshing. The fresh cherry petals gathered on the roadside. Lolis and onee-sans walking with a bag on their back. Sometimes a beautiful milf would pop in between them. Somehow, it reminded me of the cliché high school protagonist's first high school day.

Too bad, today will go down as the most disastrous day in history. I wiped away the tears threatening to come out.

"I apologize for all the poor milfs, pitiful lolis, and unfortunate onee-sans who will suffer."

Shaking away the thought, I exited the room and headed for the bath.

"Gotta keep myself cle—"

My words got glued to my throat.

"La La Lala~ Gotta add this and that and that~."

The humming coming from the kitchen shouldn't be possible. Only I lived here in this apartment and my 'only' relative wouldn't intrude here or maybe she will… but this voice wasn't her. This energetic voice somehow felt familiar.

I cautiously moved to the kitchen just a few steps away and peeked inside the kitchen. What greeted me was a sight right out of heaven.

The culprit was a woman cutting something on the wooden board. Her back was covered in only two lines of white frills on her shoulders and a string tied around the tantalizing lower back. While below it was a swimsuit, not hiding a single flesh of the extra curvy butt.

Legendary naked apron.

Her grey hair were styled to front as if intentionally done to emphasize her curvaceous figure.

"Hmm, that gray hair and that sexy ass looks familiar."

At that moment, she turned her head toward me. Her hair hid most of her face along with her right eyes, her lips showing a dazzling smile.

Yet, my body moved on its own from the chill wrapping around my neck.

"I-Impossible… Aimi… How is it even possible?"

I remembered the woman. No way I could forget her. She was my bodyguard who accompanied me twenty-four-seven, my caretaker, and also… the woman who stabbed me.

Aimi Akane was her full name which meant?'Beautiful love'?and?'Brilliant red'?just like her eyes.

And right now, she had a kitchen knife in her hand as she showed a graceful smile.

"Asahi-sama, you didn't even shower yet. I knew it. Asahi-sama can't even take care of himself without me."

"Your presence here can only mean one thing… Klyscha, answer me."

(Darling? What are you talking about?) Klyscha answered my question with another question.

"Stop playing dumb! I know it's you who sent her here. Admit it or I won't… repay you with my body."

I had to resort to threatening the Goddess, which somehow worked out.

(W-Wait. It was me! I'm sorry if darling is hurt by this. But please don't do that...)

Her miserable tone had no effect whatsoever. "It will depend on your answer."

(My love, please understand. She ended your life because… you had no will to live…)

I was tongue-tied for a long moment. Just because managing the family business of one of the top-tier families wasn't fun to me. Life was all gray and black for me until I came across the wonders of the hidden, cultured world of Japan.

"Does that justify killing the man she was suppose to protect?"

The question was directed at both Klyscha and Aimi who flinched before putting down the knife.

"Asahi-sama, I know I was wrong." Aimi turned around. Clenching the sides of her apron, she bowed deeply. "My stalking skills weren't up to par. I should have realized that Asahi-sama only wished for someone to love him from the bottom of their heart."

I had to control myself from staring at her melons barely hidden in the white apron. Quite ironic for the ultimate stalker to have a stalker on his back. She must have talked with Klyscha after she killed herself.

I released a sigh. She was correct though. Being the rich young master and a genius at almost everything, people naturally fawned all over me. My family intruded too much in my privacy, even controlling the woman I met more than twice. Besides, who wouldn't wish for a lover whose feelings are deep and genuine.

Well, there was one who had a long relationship with me. I shook my head and walked to her side. I grabbed her shoulders to make her face me. It was clear from the look in her beautiful red eyes that she was anxious but her lips were shut tight as if she was willing to accept anything as her punishment.

However, it made me even more curious. I couldn't help but ask, "If you loved me before, then why did you not confess? I was literally there with you every single day."

She grasped my wrist and brought my hands to her cheeks. "I was scared… Asahi-sama, I was scared. What if Asahi-sama rejected me and kicked me away… if you said I'm just a servant and not worthy to receive any affection… If that were to happen I wouldn't be able to live anymore. I hated myself! I loathed myself for being weak... So I assumed even if I can't receive any affection from Asahi-sama, I can still fulfill your wishes from the shadows."

Her voice broke into sobs in between. Those passionate words sounded exactly like a Yandere.

I had to agree that her love was beautiful. For her to go against her heart and stab me to death and herself to fulfill a wish.

This was true love, or not? Maybe I had a yandere fetish.

While cupping her cheeks, I quietly gazed into her nervous eyes. "What would you do if I reject you now?"

She closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembling as if going through deep fear. She abruptly opened her eyes and formed a determined expression.

"Klyscha-sama told me about the future of this world, the disaster approaching. Even if I can't stay with Asahi-sama, I'll be the servant I used to be and protect Asahi-sama with all my strength."

(My love, now the decision is yours.)

To me, huh.

What shall I do? Of course, there is only one answer.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 7 - CH. 7: A Yandere Waifu