A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 61 - CH. 61: Intruders

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Now another question popped into my head.

Why is Triage X here in Highschool of the dead? I didn't choose a crossover.

(Most fictional worlds don't exist.)

'What do you mean they don't exist?'

(Let me rephrase it. They exist in the dreams and imaginations of humans. For example, if the majority of the people think that Issei is impotent, then the world I create would have Issei with that disease. Likewise, if the majority thinks that Goku is unkillable, then Goku would be immortal.)

Her explanation was reasonable. Yet, it left one big hole.

'Won't that change the plot like a lot?'

(That is the price I have to pay for creating a fictional world. Thankfully, you can alter it with Karma.)

'I see. I will be careful in the future. I have one more question. How powerful would this world become?'

(I don't know. A-Rank if I had to estimate.)

'I didn't ask before in excitement. Do those ranks show the destructive power of the strongest individual?'

(Yes. Look at the list.)

[E-Rank — Average human (Your average human.)]

[D-Rank — Peak human (The limit a human can achieve, capable of destroying a wall or two.)]

[C-Rank — Superhuman (The strongest being can destroy a town in one attack.)]

[B-Rank — Supernatural (Introduces non-human beings. The strongest being can destroy a city in one attack.)]

[A-Rank — Hax (Strongest being can destroy a country in one attack.)]

[S-Rank — Early Divinity (Introduction of God Concept. The strongest being can destroy a continent in one attack.)]

[SS-Rank — Mid Divinity (Strongest being can destroy a planet in one attack.)]

[SSS-Rank — High Divinity (Strongest being can destroy a star in one attack.)]

[EX-Rank — Uncategorised (The strongest beings are omnipotent.)]

EX-Rank is forbidden from my list. I might get blown in one sneeze of EX-Rank guys.

This world was D-Rank before because of Saeko and Yuriko's ex-husband.

Will people capable of destroying a country appear in this world?

It was valid considering the grand scheme. Silver Lady would be the strongest outside of our team.

I decided.

I will go to Alabama after retrieving the tanned onee-san.

The grind will start somewhere. Might as well start from there. I might get the chance to stalk another strong beauty.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

I opened the door for today's dessert.

Dressed in a black tank top and blue shorts, Saeko stood there with her signature calm smile and flushed cheeks. Her hair looked wet meaning she just came out of the bath.

"We came—" Saeko winced as two hands came from behind and started fondling her breasts.

"Asahi-kun, Busujima room service has arrived." Shiori's grinning fface popped up from Saeko's shoulder. "Today's dessert is Saeko's D-Cup melons!"

A weak moan left Saeko as she tried to break free from Shiori's perverted hands. "S-Shiori, cut it out."


Saeko sneaked a glance at me and hung her head. I couldn't help but pat her head.

"What about Sayo?"

"Shizuka onee-san is taking care of her," Shiori answered.

Shizuka was really good at comforting others.

(My love is good at comforting her.)


Shiori pushed me slightly and walked past me. Her ass, covered in a black mini skirt, swayed beautifully further enhanced by her black stockings.

This woman did it on purpose.

Saeko took this chance to escape the head-patting and sneak past me. I locked the door and checked any corner of the room for any hidden camera. I trusted the girls but there was a limit to it.

Shiori rubbed her face on the bedsheet with a melting expression. Saeko absentmindedly rubbed the bedsheet. The softness of the Arachne silk worked wonders on every girl.

I sat beside Saeko and placed my hand on Shiori's head. Before I could pat her, she grabbed my hand and licked her lips.


She stuck out her tongue and licked my finger. She put one finger in her mouth and rolled her hot, wet tongue around it. Her beautiful and upturned eyes overflowed with charm and lewdness.

She gave me one last nibble before taking out my finger, which was drenched in her saliva. She glared at Saeko. "What are you waiting for?"

"I-I was waiting for you?" Saeko's answer sounded like a question.

"This bonafide sadist is shying, how cute." Shiori let out a hot sigh on my finger and pushed herself up. "Asahi-kun, I need your help."

Saeko squinted her eyes as her lips curled. "Asahi-kun, give me a hand in messing her up."

They put me on the spot. I sat there like a beta MC unable to choose between having a harem or living a hermit life.

Saeko had a calm and composed disposition. Still deep inside, she hid an extremely sadist side.

Shiori, on the other hand, had an easygoing and casual vibe about her. A complete contrast to Saeko. As they were twins, wouldn't it mean she also had a hidden side?


Doesn't hurt to try once.

They glared at each other as if declaring war on each other.

I exchanged a glance with Saeko. She lightly nodded and grabbed Shiori. I helped on the other side and together, we pinned her down.

"Nani?!" She uttered a strange cry, her eyes full of disbelief. "I thought you would support me in dominating Saeko."

She certainly was right. Dominating a sadist had a strange charm.

I traced my finger on her face. "We will do that someday after we open the door of masochism for you."

"M-Masochism? I-I see… you are free to try it if you want." She cast a pleading gaze at us. "After all, I have prepared to sacrifice myself for Saeko for a long time."

"Shiori… you… Why are you so good to me?"

Leaving Shiori's shoulder, Saeko looked at Shiori, mist gathering in her eyes—she got a bit emotional. Well, Shiori sounded sincere enough to touch my heart.

"Idiot sister…" Shiori sniffed and wiped Saeko's tears. "You suffered so much for a small mistake I made and still didn't hate me. I can't not love a sister like you."

Am I the third wheel in this relationship?

Absolutely not!

I brought them closer again—made them open up to each other which they never did after that incident.

"Saeko, that's enough melodrama for the day. Don't forget we came here for him."

Saeko nodded firmly and the two turned to me, their eyes glowing ominously in the dim light of the room.

I gulped my saliva. Can I survive the attack from two psychos…?



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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 61 - CH. 61: Intruders