Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic
Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic

Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic

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Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Action, Supernatural genres. Written by the author WolfShine. 672 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


When a Demonic Assault occurs, most people stuck inside of a Fracture end up hiding inside of a bunker in the hopes that they don’t end up killed by a demon.

Others might even hope for the slightest possible chance at signing a contract with a spirit and becoming a Guardian.

What they don’t expect is to become a demon themselves.

Exactly two centuries ago, humanity was struck with their very first Demonic Assault.

The skies above the capital of the US, shattering as if made of glass; demons of all kinds appearing out of nowhere; and no way to effectively stop them before the end of the Assault.

On the brink of devastation, some of the humans managed to find themselves offered a contract whilst inside of a Fracture.

Who these beings are that are offering these contracts, the humans don’t know. Nor do they care.

All they care about is that by becoming a Guardian, they were offered a chance.

A chance to rebuild.

A chance at life.

And, in the case of those Guardians, a chance at power, fame, and fortune.

Now, long after every nation of the world joined together to form the Terran Republic, Scarlet finds herself stuck trying to find a university from the Republic’s capital that will accept someone from a lower tier city into their midst.

But, as if that wasn’t already enough trouble for one person to bear, she somehow ends up stuck in one of the Fractures of a Demonic Assault while visiting her father figure’s company building.

However, she doesn't perish in the darkness and rather awakens her dormant bloodline as a noble demon.
A Blood Lycan.

Turns out she had been a demon all along and had literally been born for the apocalypse.


What to expect: LitRPG, Progression, Lycanthrope MC, Blood Magic, half-demon gradually turning full demon MC lest they find a way to stop it. And while the story does have the sci-fi tag, and feels relatively sci-fi, it technically isn't sci-fi, since the 'advanced technology' in the story is simply regular technology enhanced to do what it normally wouldn't be able to do through magic and skills.

One thing you will never see in any of my stories is betrayal by a loved one. I hate that with a passion. There will also be no romance, and the story does not have a superhero tag because the vast majority of the Guardians are publicly known to only be fighting the demons to grow stronger and not out of any actual desire to save people.

Also, despite Scarlet trying to and then going to a University, there is no school arc.

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