The Best Director
The Best Director

The Best Director

68Chapters 1.5KViews 21Bookmarked Ongoing Status


The Best Director novel is a popular light novel covering Urban genres. Written by the author Wallee The Robot. 68 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Wang Yang never stopped pursuing his dream of becoming a director and making movies that could amaze the world. However, the fate seemed to play a malicious joke on him. He got wrongly accused and expelled from USC. Fortunately, when God closed a door to Wang Yang, he opened a window for him. After a baby stroller hit him on the street, he began to be able to watch the movies from the future in his head!

Since then, the year of 1988 was destined to be an extraordinary year. Besides the miracle written by “Titanic”, one of the most legendary directors in the 21st century was rising quietly…

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