Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage
Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage

Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage

Mr Gu's First Doting Marriage

306Chapters 16.5KViews 24Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage novel is a popular light novel covering Psychological, Romance genres. Written by the author Feng Family's Seventh Child. 306 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Xia Yangyang receives her 20th birthday present by witnessing her boyfriend and her best friend in bed.

The next moment, she ends up marrying the most eligible and wealthiest bachelor in the city, Gu Qichen.

From then on, she levels up and becomes invincible.

Xia Yangyang’s jerk ex-boyfriend tries to win her back, while her scheming friend plots against her. Mr Gu comes to her rescue and seeks revenge on her behalf.

She has a vicious half-sister and a stepmother who makes things difficult for her. Mr Gu retaliates and teaches them a lesson.

Everyone knows that Mr Gu is ruthless and cold-blooded. But no one has ever seen how he pampers and dotes on his wife…

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