Longevity: Starting from the Qi Tags
Longevity: Starting from the Qi Tags

Longevity: Starting from the Qi Tags

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Longevity: Starting from the Qi Tags novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern genres. Written by the author Scenery on the river. 188 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


【Over 20k high subscriptions with an average rating of 6000, a finely crafted piece】

Jiang Yuan found himself transmigrated to a mysterious fantasy world, thrust into an unforeseen survival crisis. The allure of his vast fortunes triggered intense greed among those around him. Fortunately, he had already unlocked the panel of qi movement, granting him the ability to observe others’ innate qi movements and upgrade his own qi movement talents.

Strong and robust (white)→ Extraordinary physique (green)→ Body of the dragon and tiger (blue)→ ??? (gold)

Outstanding perception (green)→ Innate wisdom (blue)→ Peerless intelligence (purple)→ ???(gold)

With each qi movement reaching its pinnacle, the accumulations were constant. His talents, unmatched in history, led him on the gradual journey of invincible transcendence. One day, his eyes developed double pupils, a radiant sun and the supreme yin above his head, his physical body attained sanctity, and his primordial spirit became immortal. The question lingered: Celestial beings above, dare to descend?


【Longevity (Purple)】: Add ten thousand years to your lifespan and stay forever young!

【Solar Divine Body (Purple)】: Possessing the origin of the sun, commanding the innate divine power of true solar fire, and conjuring the great sun.

【Ancient Double Pupil (Gold)】: Born with double pupils, a phenomenon akin to the Human Emperor, regarded as the reincarnation of the ancient Human Emperor, endowed with unmatched talent.

【Five-Colored Divine Light (Gold)】:Innate divine power, once harnessed, renders everything within the five elements powerless to resist!

【Endless Cycle Exemption (Red)】: Inherent taboo, immune to the cycle of reincarnation, preserving the true spirit and allowing reincarnation without losing consciousness.

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