I Wish Mo All the Best
I Wish Mo All the Best

I Wish Mo All the Best

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I Wish Mo All the Best novel is a popular light novel covering Romance genres. Written by the author Girly Honey. 187 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Chen Qianmo, a successful businesswoman who is also a professional psychologist for criminals dies because of heart attack and gets reborn to the day when she is a 19-year-old bride. When she realizes that she has got a new chance to live on, she decides to make up for all the stupid mistakes she has made in her previous life – she cancels the wedding with the scumbag cheater Lin Xiang, who has lied to her and marries her only because he desires for her family’s properties. She also unites with her father whom she doesn’t understand in the previous life and becomes his lovely yet mature daughter that helps him solve both economic and love issues with her devoted aunt. Most importantly, she again meets the love of her life – Yu Changmo, an all-round young man who has money, look, and strong family background and who has had crush on her for years yet dares not to approach her because of his strange mental problem, one that only happens when he is talking to her. But not everything is wonderful even though Qianmo gets another chance to re-walk the path of her life – she has a hidden enemy that wishes her dead and she has a goal from previous life to achieve…With the help of Yu Changmo as well as her own excellent professional skills she acquires from the life earlier, they are combined into an invincible force and conquer all the possible barriers standing in their way. After all, they are a couple that are meant to be together whichever life they are in.

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