I Can Copy And Evolve Talents
I Can Copy And Evolve Talents

I Can Copy And Evolve Talents

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I Can Copy And Evolve Talents novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, Reincarnation genres. Written by the author RighteousFilth. 328 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


The convolution of worlds are govern by a set of gods, each god is given a world to rule and there can be skirmishes between them – as a result of one between Nexus, the god of trickery and a senile old hag Elliot reincarnated into Ul’Tra-el by mistake.

Ul’Tra-el is a world that grew a voice, because of this voice, it began to take a different path from other worlds -- it was filled with a core anomaly – rifts.

Dimensions began to leak into each other, vomiting outrageous monsters.

In response or as an auto-correction to such anomaly, talents were awakened in the inhabitants of Ul’Tra-el and they gained tremendous power, for every rift they close down, they were rewarded massively by the voice of the world called Ul.

In a hardcore world like this one, our MC (Northern) reincarnated as a talentless individual but in the face of a death and a head splitting revelation...

...when all hopes seemed lost.

{System Notice}

Your Soul cannot take a form

Searching for Unique pattern ability for your soul


search found.

Unique System ability has been found...

Unique System Ability [CopyCat] has been gained.

Awakening Unique ability...

Northern gained a talent copying system!


Follow Northern through his journey as he becomes the pinnacle of this world.

This a story about a white-haired boy’s rise from rubbles!!

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