I am The Villain’s Dad
I am The Villain’s Dad

I am The Villain’s Dad


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I am The Villain’s Dad novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance genres. Written by the author Spirit Fire. 111 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After the system set out the conditions for obtaining eternal life, whether it be money or beauty, magic or martial arts, whatever he wanted; Su Yuyang accepted the status of task executor.

However, he found out that if he wanted to be the father of villain bosses; he didn’t only need to earn money to support his family, but also to be handsome and charming, otherwise the villain would reject him!

Wuwuwu, system, you tricked me! Can I retract my decision to bind with the system?

System: you jumped into the pit yourself. Retraction rejected. At most, you can borrow some points to save yourself at the event of an emergency.

Three worlds later…

Debt-laden system: Host, can I take back the fact that you can borrow points?

Su Yuyang: Can’t. You said it yourself. You don’t accept retractions. At best, I’ll borrow less next time.

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