A Child Turned Into A Soldier
A Child Turned Into A Soldier

A Child Turned Into A Soldier

67Chapters 7.5KViews 69Bookmarked Ongoing Status

A Child Turned Into A Soldier novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Comedy genres. Written by the author Mythical_Saxton. 67 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Some people find the world to be an awful place while others believe it's an amazing one. Everyone lives their lives differently making each individual different from the next.

Azrail finds himself lost on what to believe since he has lived through what seems like hell yet has saw others simply enjoying the life they are given. Even after going through wars, being abandoned, and losing some of the ones he loved he can't find himself to hate the world.

The only thing he finds himself hating is himself and others who have put him in unforgiving situations.

Join Azrail as he tries to find out who he really is as a person while going through what could be described as hell and trying to search for what makes him happy and surviving whatever this world throws at him.


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